10 Essential Digital Marketing Steps To Boost Blog Traffic

Traffic is important for any blog to run so that you can make more from your website. Among all traditional marketing effort, you need digital marketing of your blog

Digital marketing is a diverse world and looks a bit different depends on your blog niche.

Knowing these essential marketing strategies keep you ahead of your competitor, provide a good chance that gets the first impression, converting leads into customers

1. Attractive Website

a. functional and easy navigation

Easy navigation helps the attract better goals of the business by attracting and converting target user

b. Visually attractive and Brand boosting

You may have an idea that any attractive advertisement on television or newspaper or banner hoarding draws attention quickly.
Means first impression is the last impression. Similarly, if your website has an attractive design then it draws the attention of first-time visitors.

2. Responsive Web Design

if your blog site is not responsive then re-design and develop your website for the response. A survey said that currently 60%mobile users have a smartphone and they access the different site using it. So, your website must responsive so that you can also get traffic from smartphone user.

3. Strong SEO Strategy

a. Precise keyword targeting

SEO is the process of optimizing your website content to be discovered via organic engines(like Google +) by the right users at the right places.
the search engine looks keyword in your content and Metadata and consumes that info to help understand how to rank your website and to whom.
Optimizing these elements along with much other internal SEO strategy known as on-site SEO.
off-page SEO, or off-site SEO, refers to the other category of SEO strategy involving the external website.

4. Positive online reviews

Always publish good content for bog and ask your audience or reader to write comments. You can get many good reviews of your blog but many audience or reader write a negative or argumental review. So, don’t worry about it. Any negative comment shows that your blog article reader is sincere for your blog so discuss any such issue in details so your all type of reader get satisfied.

5. Niche-specific review sites, maps, and Listings

You are writing the blog for a specific niche so try to write the review for that niche specific also add maps and other types of available survey or statistics for that related topic.

6. Active Social Media Presence

Do not forget to capitalize on social media such as facebook, twitter, google+, and LinkedIn to market your blog. I had earlier written that how social media boost your blog site organic traffic.

7. Unique, Interesting and fresh content creation

Content is king.
You might read the above sentence many times on different blogger blog and that’s true.
Because without content why should anyone come to your site?
Here content should be in any form such as an article, news, pdf, and many more

If you want an active social media presence that also requires content creation. Sharing external content from other relevant news sites, blogs and publishers is encouraged as part of a great social media strategy. finding that balance of internal vs external content can vary based on your business type and audience
Using selective hashtags, tagging/mentioning other related business/users in posts, joining social media groups, asking users to follow vial good timing and placement, including share and follow buttons on your website and blog incentivizing users to promote your blog on behalf and giving special attention to specific users are all great ways to increase your small business’ social following, engagement, and business conversions

8. Email Marketing

Whenever you publish your post then you must send email to your audience or reader so that they get informed that you have published your latest blog article. mail marketing is the great way to target users.

9. PPC ads

If you have not the financial issue then you must get with Search Engine Marketing such as PPC ads plus SEO.
As you know PPC helps blogger target online users with text and images/Video ads vial search queries, locations, demographics, behavior info and other social data
Popular PPC ad types are Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo and also social media ads like Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising and promoted tweets

10. Social Media platforms

There are many social media apps, networks, and platforms that may be especially applicable to your blog
– Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Reddit and Snapchat

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