11 Best Profitable Niche To Start Blogging

The best blog topics are those you have an authority. Topics that you’re familiar with or have an expertise are always things that will gain you credibility as a writer. If you travel a lot, start a travel blog; if you’re good at cooking, share your recipes online; or if you’re good at penning down short-stories, share it with the world. To be honest, there are no popular blog topics as such. Every topic has its own target audience and your connection with them depends on the content you write about the topic.

1. Your own Hobby

This can be first option for most of the bloggers and also last for some bloggers like I. My hobby is playing cricket but as I am graduating in Engineering (IT) I am technically good on internet. But this works best if you’re good at your hobby activities. Before you decide you blog niche, always dare to ask yourself what are you good at? It’s good if your hobby niche is profitable relative to others.

Actually there is no concept of profitable niche when you are writing about your passion. You may choose this for yourself and it’s your luck if other having same interest follow you. But if your hobby is related to something important then you’re fortunate such as movie reviews, any programming, teaching something etc.

When you do something you love chances are success comes behind.

And there is always a benefit of writing on your hobby, you need not to think about what to write as you already know certain techniques and news important point to cover.

I kept this niche at top because people always have some area of interest, at least one. For others blogging niche you’ll have to research well before writing any post.

2. Health Niche

When a person think to start a blog, I am sure he rarely think of health blog. This is the reason it has less competition compared to other evergreen niches. I use Long Tail Pro to generate keyword to rank well on Google search result. One day I tried to search for keyword related to fitness and see what I got.

Normally I pick keyword having keyword competition 40 and every blogger do this.

And because of low competition this is most profitable niche. There are many micro niches you can serve into a single blog.

Almost 90% of people present on earth are cautious about their health & fitness, Doctor’s charge a heavy fee for normal advice but if they get same advice on internet free of charge, don’t you think traffic will bloom like flowers. Most of the health blog give Do it yourself (DIY) tutorials.

If you see from AdSense earning perspective health niche rank 3rd after Insurance and Lawyers advice ads CPC.

Below are some sub categories you can create on your health blog.

Weight loss/diet blogs
Nutrition and food blogs
Disease and disorder blogs
Training and exercise blog (Yoga)
If health blog content are used wisely and on page SEO is done properly, I am sure you will get high organic traffic.

3. Blogging Guide Niche

It is considered as one of the best and most profitable blogging niche. Health blog owner, Technology blog owner, Personality blog owner, food blog owner and every blogger comes to the blogging guide blogs to get tips on how to get website traffic, rank first on Google and much more? isn’t it, I am sure you agree.

This is the one of the evergreen blogging niches where you learn something serious. It takes some time but once you’re on track then everyone start running behind you.

FYI… I provide blogging guides only.

I learnt much and gathered enough courage before starting this blog.

Blogging guide blog can be great resources for beginners, intermediate and experts bloggers too.

you can provide guide to drive more traffic, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Keywords Strategy, Affiliate Marketing etc.

This niche also give more ways to monetize your blog. Beside Google AdSense you can also earn from affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing comes under blogging niche.

Pat Flynn, founder of Smart Passive Income, earn more than $50,000 from affiliate marketing.

Harsh Agarwal, founder of ShoutMeLoud, earn around $14,000 with affiliate marketing.

There are hundreds of bloggers who are earning thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing. Read more about affiliate marketing.

But before choosing this niche you need to be very competitive as this niche is going common because possibilities to earn here are huge. Here you can provide same tutorials what others are giving but it must be better than them.

4. Technology Niche

From 2014 technology niche has came into power and growing beyond expected. This is because of constantly upgrading technologies. It is becoming as one of evergreen niches.

But how to guides on technology are more preferred than providing updates. I don’t say providing updates on technologies doesn’t work but you have be very fast then. You can cover several small micro niches.

People get more traffic on tech update blog but the time they spend is less compared to tutorials website.

Everybody knows youngster are more interested in technology so you can provide how to guide, reviews, useful information regarding several aspects of this niche. You can also provide updates on upcoming technology.

List of sub categories on Tech Blog.

Windows OS

Do remember this is one of the best evergreen blogging niches and you’ll get a tough competition. But doing proper keyword research before creating your post will cut your competition to half. you can use keyword research tool to increase your ranking on any niche.

Both blogging and technology niche have great competition as more and more newbies start blog these niche only and the possibilities of earning are huge.

But work hard and nothing is hard to conquer.

5. Personality Development

Most of the people know well about about blogging, technology and health. In my Engineering course, there is subject called Personality Development and there are also many institution which provide the same training. But what if you give the same guide on internet.

Do a surveys, check how many of your blogger friends have personality development blog? A small number of bloggers.

This makes this niche a good profitable and most searched niches.

On Personality Development blog you give teach how to improve our identity, how to improve our awareness and how to be a better person. Moreover, you can also tell people about psychology of life.

Creating blog on this niche will help your visitors to improve their personal life and their professional life. People with low complexion always suffer a lot but getting personality development they can get can rid of it easily.

Below are list of sub categories you focus on your Personality Development blog:

Leadership development
Self-esteem development
Motivation guides
Career development
Life coaching
Personality development
Relation Ship Developments
How to get rid of self-complexes

6. Internet Marketing

Evergreen Niches, Internet Marketing is the niche not for newbie or beginners but these are for experts who knows a lot about internet marketing and SEO. The owners of these are internet geeks.

Before starting a blog in this niche make sure you have great knowledge about SEO, content marketing, content creating strategy and many important areas on which whole blogging career is based upon. This is most searched niche in the world.

It takes years of hard work to gain knowledge and experience to become successful internet marketer.

Below are some sub categories under internet marketing:

Blogging tutorials
Search engine optimization
Social marketing
The article present on internet marketing blog are most of the time lengthy, normally 3000 words. The scope of this niche is always on Top.

7. Food niche blog

Once I searched for recipe for momos but was not satisfied with content and design of blog came on search result. As I am a blogger, I keep noticing the blog coming on search result when I search for something I need.

You can create food blogs which provide the recipes of food materials, here most of the visitor would be housewives who love cooking a lot and want to learn more on new recipes.

This is considered to be one of best evergreen niches to start blog and get heavy targeted traffic.

See below stats and choose sub categories to start a food blog.

Nowadays more people are search for the recipes of food materials online. These type of blogs have targeted audience because people will never come here for tech updates but the owner of food blog goes to blogging niche blog to learn something about SEO and more techniques to drive traffic.

8. Career Guidance

If you’re expert and know much about educational sector. This niche is best for teachers and career guider. This is one of the evergreen niches where your visitor would be students, teachers, career consults etc.

The competition on this niche is low and with proper search engine optimization you can easily rank on top.

And people will really thank you for providing proper guidance to make their career. And beside earning from your blog you’ll feel better by helping other to make their career.

9. Business

10. News and Entertainment

11. Fashion

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