Everyone want to make money so work according to their expertise or ability. You can also make money passive income online. There are many ways to make money passively while you are away.

Benefit of passive income is that once you put your efforts in your work that pay while you are offline, away from home or sleeping.

In this post I am talking about 11 Best Ways to Make money passively.

1. Blogging
Blogging is among the best ways to make money passively. You should not expect you start making money immediately after starting blogging. Blogging pays your efforts well but its take time because any online activity that pays you need traffic. You can get audience after marketing your blog site. And you should market your blog when your blog site have enough content to fill appetite of your audience.

2. Ebook
Write an ebook on any topic such as guide, beginner guide, story, short stories and publish it on different ebook publishing site such as kindle. After little marketing efforts ebook pays much more passively.

3. Selling Stock Photos
Smartphone provide opportunity to become amature photographer and internet also provide opportunity to sell your photo online on different online stock website

4. Sell Online
E-commerce site brings whole world product in your drawing hall and also provide opportunity to become a seller from your home.
If you have any product that can sell online then you have very good chance to become a seller and make money passively.

5. YouTube videos
Make video or record any viral video and upload to youtube and monetize your video. Whenever any one watch your youtube video then before playing video advertisement will shown to user. The product advertiser pay for showing advertisement to youtube and youtube also pay to you as they make money from your video.

6. Affiliate marketing
Advertise affiliate product on different platform and whenever you’re affiliated product able to make a sell then affiliated marketer pay commission to you.

7. App Development
As 80 percent smartphone running on android operating system, app development is lucrative way to make money passively. Develop a android app and registered it on Google play store on free. When a user download your app and open it. Google advertise product on smartphone and also pay a part of advertising income to you.

8. Online Course
Build online courses on your expertise field and sell it on different online course provider such as udemy, linkedin etc. Whenever any student buy your course you will make money.

9. Network Marketing
Start selling any product through network marketing such as MLM. Although this now old techniques but still fruitful to make money passively.

10. Start a Business and Have Someone Else Run it
If you have no fund crunch then open a business and hand over to loyal person for a fixed monthly charge which also pay you handsome money for your investment.

11. Sell Insurance
Sell Insurance is also among the best and proven to make money as everyone buy insurance to cover any future incident.


Rishi Sanuj

Rishi Sanuj is a software developer and working as a Web Developer in USA based software company.

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