15 Best Way To Generate Leads From Online Marketing

Generating leads for your blog or blog post drive huge traffic. bug lead generation digital marketing skill and takes times to

show desired result. Today I am talking to Best ways to Generate lead from online marketing

1. Website optimization and landing pages

This is actually the first thing you should really focus on – a must have if you’re doing online marketing. It’s your piece of the internet, so it has to be attractive and it has to hold visitors’ attention as long as possible.

2. Creating Lead-Generating Content
You need to create relevant content, to utilize the researched keywords and to start directing traffic through to the landing pages.

3. Content marketing

Content marketing is about creating and distributing valuable, informative and entertaining content to potential customers interested in a specific topic. Your goal is to become a trusted advisor in your expertise domain. Remember, though, that you have to publish only valuable and relevant content on a regular basis if you wanna achieve positive results. If you manage to
do so, this will help you:

a. Attract more traffic to your website
b. Generate higher conversion rate
c. Build a stronger image of your brand
d. More traffic on your website

4. Cold emailing

Cold emailing is about sending witty and personalized emails to target customers that you’ve previously had no contact with.
It can lead to great marketing achievements because:
a. It gives you the possibility to reach high executives (who are not that often on the web) and explore new markets
b. It gives you the possibility to reach high executives (who are not that often on the web) and explore new markets
c. It gives you the chance to deeply explore your local market
d. It’s one of the most personal marketing tactics
e. It’s the quickest way to grab somebody’s attention
f. It’s creative
g. It’s relatively cheap compared to other tactics
h. It can give you a surprisingly high ROI

5. Email Marketing:

You can collect people’s emails by putting an opt-in form on your website, and send regular newsletters to subscribers. This can become your backbone tactic for your lead generation strategy, if you know your target audience’s’ needs and if you can offer awesome resources in exchange for visitor e-mails. Indeed, a subscriber list is a great asset that can guarantee traffic
for a website and that can help you build trust over time. Moreover, email marketing is cheaper compared to other tactics and it’s quite easy to set up.

6. Knowing the customer
Researching the target audience is a must, it ensures that the produced content is fully optimized for the relevant customer, and that there’s a target audience for the product or service being marketed.

7. Brands Will Increasingly Target Niche Markets Out of Necessity.

Online marketing is becoming more crowded; though the number of available consumers has remained more or less steady, millions of new businesses have flooded into the space for a piece of the pie. This is especially true in the content and social media marketing spaces. One of the best solutions for this is to target a more specific niche, appealing to a narrower range of
demographics with a more specific topic. As a result, we’re bound to see more companies opting for more targeted, almost personal-level content and campaigns.

8. Telemarketing

Go on Skype and add people to contact. Another way is to invite the public for a Google Hangout session.

9. SMS Marketing

Some classified sites still allows ad posters to post their phone number. You could take advantage of this and directly text them the offer.

10. Guest Posting –
Write up an article about your offer, put it up on a relevant blog that needs it, and there you got direct interaction with the community of that blog.

11. Question and Answers site –

go to any Q&A site and start answering questions of target leads. They ask and you answer with your offer as a solution.

12. Mobile marketing rate will increase.

Just several years ago no one could have imagined that mobile apps might become so popular. But that fact is – it has become! And what is more interesting it becomes more and more popular. Why is it so? Apps are easier and faster to use. Users can carry their phones with them but carrying computers and large gadgets is not convenient. They say, that the same ads work better on mobiles than on computers. So, the development of using mobiles is beneficial both for those marketers who create new apps and those who advertise their products/services via apps.

13. video marketing.

More and more people are going for “ data visualisation”. Just looking around one can easily notice that videos are everywhere. Particularly large is the usage of explainer videos. Most users and potential customers will prefer watching an explainer video to reading a whole article. And besides visualised products inspire more trust and emotions that
anything else.


PPC remains for pay-per-click, a model of web promoting in which sponsors pay an expense each time one of their advertisements is clicked. Basically, it’s a method for purchasing visits to your site, as opposed to endeavoring to “acquire” those visits naturally. Web index publicizing is a standout amongst the most famous types of PPC. It enables publicists to offer for advertisement position in a web search tool’s supported connections when somebody seeks on a catchphrase that is identified with their business advertising.

Here are some pay per click marketing tips:

1. Know what pay-per-click advertising is
2. Clear objective
3. Know Your Competitors
4. Use Ad Extensions
5. Where ads will show online
6. Maximum PPC price
7. Target your areas

15. social marketing.

Various statistics show the growth in social media usage. And even without following any statistics, just only scrolling the timeline on popular social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and many others, one can see how thinks roll. Particularly for digital marketing…Videos are everywhere with some carrying direct CTA and ads and some others use videos for indirect advertising.

Social Media Marketing

post your offer up on social network sites as your outlet. Interact with the people there (hence, the social part about the site), and pull them in.

a. Research your audience, find out which social networks they use most frequently. Build a presence on those. Engage, be helpful, non promotional. Continue to follow the 1:3 ratio rule for promotional versus non-promotional content

b. Join online communities (i.e. Google+ Communities, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, Tweet Chats) and participate, engage and be helpful – most importantly, provide value and build your own digital authority

16. Infographics:

If you don’t have someone on your marketing team who dabbles in graphic design you need to hire them, or learn yourself.

Infographics are everything awesome about visual content. They’re simple and straightforward, visually appealing, and palatable in a few moments. They take all the information from a blog article and condense it into one simple-to-understand, shareable, saveable, downloadable piece of content.
Oh, and businesses who market with infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who don’t.

17. Slideshare:

Slideshare is going to be big in 2014. We’re going to see it becoming more mainstream for online marketers as the year progresses. The ever-growing audience, and their very reasonable pricing structure (I’ll bet you whatever you’d like that we’ll see their PRO plan rates increase by June) are irresistible. I’m talking lead generation at less than a dollar/lead – check it out.

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