15 Best Ways To Increase Traffic of Blog Site

Blog writer or Blogger need audience so that his view should be reach over to them. So blogger need traffic to blog site. so you
All depends upon the niche and content.

Target Your Audience

Select a niche that your should be your are comfortable. Don’t select niche that you are not comfortable.
If you are programmer then you can start your own blog and enrich blog reader with your programming expertise or if you are doctor then you can also solve problem by providing valuable expertise and clearing doubt related to health.

Blog content SEO friendly

Search Engine gives huge traffic to your blog if Blog content optimize according to SEO friendly.
Optimize blog content display in high in Search Engine Ranking. Whenever a visitor looking for content must sea visit your blog.

Social media content sharing

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and many more social media platform have over million users. So, After publishing your blog not forget to share it with these Social media platform as it gives instant traffic and long term traffic to your blog.
Sharing link or content at Social Media platform you can

Paid Traffic

Participate in Forum,Community

participate in social community site like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr, care2 any many more.
Every community site have own rule and format and way of participating and sharing content to their site.

Content Sharing

Share your blog content at social media and content sharing site like Quora, Reddit etc
Content sharing website have huge reader and it leads to huge traffic to your blog site.

Keep Watching Analytics of Blog

Configure Google Analytics for your blog which is free to use. Keep watching type of traffic your blog

getting. You can manage your blog back link by identifying link that sending more traffic.

Add keyword in blog content

First search keyword while writing your post and stuff as required.

Internal linking of blog

Create internal link for visitor get related information easily.

Guest Blog

Accept guest blogging for your blog. Guest blogging provides you give and take situation in which a newcomer

blogger ride your success by providing valuable content to your blog and you also get potential reader from Guest


Reply on Blog Comments

Always reply to your blog comments. Event reply positive to a negative reply that gives visitor a feel that

author giving him some value to their blog reader.

Actively participate in Question Answer Site

Enable feed

Enable Google feed-burner feed in your blog site.

Promote through email

Whenever you publish a blog post, send an email to subscriber and provide information about new blog with

short description. Email promotion enhance your blog site traffic by returning visitors


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