20 Ways To Increase The Organic Traffic (SEO) Of Blog

Every blogger suggesting the same pattern to increase the organic traffic i.e. know your audience, publish regularly, etc.

But, That doesn’t help much to drive organic traffic to your blog. So, Don’t dependent on search engines. They will come behind you if you have enough content that is useful for the audience.

Although Both are correct suggestions by blogger that know your audience and publish regularly and be careful about content uniqueness. So, Create unique and useful articles based on your niche.

But at present uniqueness of any of content is hard to achieve as every thing I blogging here are already published by some other blogger or writer or researchers.

Then must you return a question at me then why every one writing same blog or on same topic.

The answer to your curious question that way to presenting by me should be attractive and must be unique or different from other blogger.

Here 11 ways to increase your blog organic Traffic


  • Create content that they audience, search engine like, use, save, and share.
  • Do not hesitate to Use your keywords on your content, but avoid keyword stuffing
  • Do not copy other blog content make your blog spammy.
  • Be as unique, natural as possible, and write for your niche in your word.

Build Personas

  • Identify what is your target niche?
  • Who is your ideal audience?
  • It all starts here. Your keywords, your content, your everything starts here.

On-Page Optimization

  • On-page optimization is one of the few things in SEO that you have complete control over.
  • Ensure your blog is optimized properly for On-page SEO.

Keyword Research

  • Do a proper keyword research and select high value keyword.
  • Keywords are not end all and be all, but it’s pretty high up there in priorities.
  • Focus on finding the keywords used by your personas.
  • Use long tail keywords:
    • Long tail keywords are helps your blog rank higher than competitor.
    • Why use Long tail keyword
    • Because Short, key-phases have become too much broader and competitive as the SEO market grows.
    • Read: How to use long tail keyword in blog

Check Links

  • If your blog site is new do not concern over bad link immediately.
  • For older blog site, You might need to do optimization.
  • Keep only good and worthy and link that coming from high ranking site
  • Analyse your your blog URL through a site such as Ahrefs to find who is linking your site.
  • After find any shady link sites you don’t want to be connect, disallow that link using Google’s Disavow Tool.
  • Internal linking within your blog content.

Mobile Friendly responsive website

  • Analyse your site is mobile-friendly, for the smartphones users.
  • Google algorithm now start penalizing those site which are not mobile friendly
  • Google search engine gives preference to blog/sites those are mobile-friendly in mobile search results.
  • Test your blog site is mobile friendly or not using: Mobile-Friendly Test


  • Always analyze your traffic, analyze traffic trends, and monitor your site overall performance.
  • See a spike in traffic? Find out what it is to get insight on what your target audience loves.
  • Analyse your site traffic using Google Analytics and its is absolutely free.

Always keep Up-to-date

  • Google SEO algorithm is changing time to time.
  • What are presently best practice and effective may be redundant tomorrow due to constantly changing rules.

Online communities

  • Engage yourself in online communities that are related to your blog’s niche.
  • Your active participant on the related topic, boost your blog site traffic from that community audience.

Social Media Marketing

  • After publishing your blog Share your posts on social media and bookmarking sites.
  • Do not forget to share at Facebook, google plus, Pinterest, Reddit, Quara and many other such social media sites.
  • Schedule Tweets and such a way that tweet transmitted a many times per day.

Youtube Video

  • Create tutorials videos on Youtube, and not forget to include a reference to your blog.

Relationship with Other blogger

  • Build good relationship and make conversation with other popular bloggers of your blog niche.


  • Create free content like ebook on niche that people can download from your site, after registering through their email.


  • When publish your blog post always send meaningful newsletter that show short description of just published blog
  • In newsletter, add topic related other blog post link, Top 5 most popular link from your blog
  • Newsletter help to boost your blog organic traffic through returning customers

Submit your blog at directories

  • Webmaster tools from Google and Bing
  • Social bookmarking on delicious
  • Dmoz directory submission
  • Indiblogger submission

Guest blogging

  • Submit your blog at top blogger site as Guest blogger.
  • It boost your blog organic traffic sharply.
  • In Another word, Guest blogging is riding on other success although success blogger also get your audience reciprocally.

Use info-graphics, images and videos

  • Google crawler gives preference to Infographic and images in the blog post by accessing alternate text.
  • Use image, Inforgraphic to describe your word with proper keyword in image, Infographic title.

Factors affecting your blog organic traffic:

Avoid Duplicate Meta Titles & Descriptions

  • Analyse duplicate meta title and description using Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Find and fix those duplicate meta title and description ASAP.
  • Optimize your descriptions and titles which can also boost your click through rate from SERPs.

Poorly Optimized Keywords

  • In your recent post find keyword by Pressing Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F on a mac) and write your keyword that you want to boost rank for your blog.
  • If it doesn’t visible in search in the Title, description, H1 tag, URL then it showing you aren’t optimizing your posts properly.

Not Writing In-Depth Content

  • Google and audience likes content that provide them in-depth information on related content.
  • Means longer articles, with details which covering all area of the topic.
  • It take more research, work and time, but your effort for longer articles pay off in the form of huge traffic and audience in coming months.
  • Make sure posts should have at least 15,00 words.
  • This content have all the merit to beat in terms of content, quality and length.
  • Google’s crawler is smart enough push your effort into the first page of SERP results.


There is always chance to improving your organic search by keep up to date on changing SEO algorithm and rules. Although SEO effectiveness takes time though, and shouldn’t expect any ranking magic in short span.


Rishi Sanuj

Rishi Sanuj is a software developer and working as a Web Developer in USA based software company.

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