Website Spam score is total score calculated after implementing a set of rule for website. The higher score showing your blog site is more spammer content. Spam Score are used by anti-spam software, solution provider as well as advertisers .

What is Website spam score?
Website Spam Score is a metrics or set of rules that predict chances of your blog site should be penalize or banned by Google and all these prediction depends upon 17 unique factors

Spam Score has been scored between 1 to 17. Like, when your blog site spam score is 3  which show your website Looks good similarly site spam score is 6 means your site on borderline as well as site spam score 11 means your site is spammer and possibly banned by Google or your face penalty.

What is Domain Authority of Website
Domain Authority score is provided by Moz which calculate website metric of a website based on Google Search results.  MOZ calculate these Domain Authority based on MozRank and MozTrust Score and few more other factors.

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What is MozRank?
MozRank show your website’s link popularity and reflects importance of any given web page on the Internet. Your site pages earn MozRank by the number and quality of the pages that like to them.

Here I am talking 4 Best Online Tool To Check Website Spam Score

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  1. Moz Research Tools
    MOZ research tool analyse your site Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score. MOZ show each page spam score of your site so that you can easily identify root cause of spam.
  2. Scamadviser
    Scamadviser show only Trust Rating in percentage. Here Trust Rating show 82% means not a spam site. No other details are visible. Although Scamadviser also summary, technical contacts, Nameserver,  WHOIS of your website
  3. Scam Website Checker Tool
    Scam Website Checker Tool from tools.weburloper show only one result i.e Ripoff Report. Means Scam Website Checker Tool not show any spam score.
  4. scamvoid
    On checking my blog site, result show that this website may be safe also provide one by one details reports such as Trustworthiness,  vendor reliability, site popularity, Domain Details etc



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