Whenever a website links to your blog site or any page of your blog site then is known as backlink. Backlink is one of the most important parameters/criteria for high page ranking in SERPs.
Many time you need to check or spy on your competitor website backlink. So, There are many backlink checking tools are available, both free and paid.

Almost every website analysis tool provide details of General Information, Meta, Major Search Engines, Page speed, Alexa Ranking, Website Links, Domain Analysis, Server Details, Social Status etc

Here, talking 4 best tools that I am using to spy on my competitor blog site:
Ahref is a SEO tool to check the backlinks of site. Ahref available in a free trial version for some days and after Trial version expired you have to purchase it for further use. Ahref is the most updated and new version in the market for analyzing the backlinks in any site.

Ahref is most is widely used by the popular bloggers. Many advance features of the Ahref are not available in free version and same are only present in paid version.

Ahref provides the feature to analyze deep search of your site or competitor site. Ahref provide detail information about the external links.
Ahref features are:

  • List of the sites to which the site you are checking is connected
  • Analyze your competitor topic on which your opponent is writing and getting huge traffic
  • Provide the most demanding material of your blog site
  • Analyze about your site SERPs rank of the site
  • Analyze the issues with Search Engine Optimization
  • Analyze the competitors are getting new external links.

SEO SpyGlass

SpyGlass tool is available both free and a premium version. As usual free version of SEO SpyGlass has many limitations but SpyGlass have feature that is enough to use it for backlink analysis.

Feature of SEO SpyGlass:

  • Total number of backlinks
  • Google Page Rank of each and every backlink
  • Alexa Traffic Rank of each and every backlink
  • Total number of Page Rank from 0 to 10 backlinks of your competitor has
  • Total number of backlinks coming from the same IP addresses
  • Exact anchor texts and anchor URLs anchor and title keyword density
  • Total number of  backlinks coming from homepages of other sites, rather than internal pages.
  • Backlinks from DMOZ, the Yahoo Directory
  • Exact link value of every backlink
  • Exact age of every Website linking back
  • Analyze the backlinks your opponent is using
  • The words through which you can access any site without writing the whole URL are told by this tool which are utilized by the site
  • Provide information about the ranking of every single page.
  • Provide information about traffic generation from the external link
  • Provide the IP address of your competitors
  • Provide page title for blog post

SEM Rush

SEMRush is the tool which is among the most used tool. You have need to submit the URL of the site or upload the content of which you want to check the Backlinks.

SEM Rush features:

  • Provide comparison of two sites
  • Analyze all the techniques that are adopted by your competitors in order to gain traffic.
  • Provide information about the keywords complications and give a static base search
  • Provide a list of your opponents

Open site Explorer

You can get Open site explorer for 30 day trial from its provider MOZ. Just type your site  address and click search and all the information like Domain Authority, Inbound link , Just discovered link with target, link source, link  type, Linking Domain, Anchor Text, Link Metrics, Spam Analysis, Link Opportunity  will be available in front of you through which you can get benefit your blog.

Open Site explorer Feature:

  • Provide information related to the external links which are generating traffic for your blog site
  • Details information related to your domain
  • Detail information related to site page
  • Information  related to the relations of the site
  • Information related to amount of social sharing due to which the traffic has increased tremendously

Final words:

There are many others tools to analyze competitors website. Such as Backlink Tool / Links checker, Backlink Checker , SEO Profiler etc


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