Instagram is social sharing platform for image and video sharing and you can share image and video that can attract people to like and follow you.

But you can also use instagram to drive more traffic to your blog website by sharing blog feature image and video by tagging right keyword in description.

Here, talking 5 Instagram changes that blogger need to know to drive traffic to your website.


  1. Length of Video Increased

    Recently instagram increase video length so you can share longer duration video on Instagram. Instagram increases time limit for videos from 15 sec to 60 second since April 2016. You can also shoot video directly from the Instagram app or use your photo library. Instagram allow to add filter, turn off the sound and chose the cover photo.

  1. Analyse Videos views and viewers

    Instagram now show how many people are view your video by adding viewer counter. So, you can easily identify which type of video are like by your follower. Also you can analyse which type of keywords draw more visitors.


  1. Tap on Photo ads reveals the call to action

    when you taps on your photo ads, it show your call to action and like counter increase.

  1. Profile Clicking Through From Ads Include the Call to Action

    when you link your instagram profile to your ad on instagram and when someone taps on your profile, it will place ad’s call to action at the to of your profile




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