5 Best Freelance Job Site To Work From Home

Everyone wants to not work under anyone and become independent as a employee you can face different challenges such as politics at workplace, bad boss, perform or perish situation. I hope you also get fade up from your workplace after facing these environment and want to work independently… no boss, no politics, no work time.

So, you are preparing for freelance job because it provide you all type opportunity and environment as independent.. no bad boss, no politics no work time but you can never escape from punctuality, commitment, timeline etc where ever you work.

Being a freelance you can get many advantage and many disadvantage. You can choose the job you are interested in, you also have total flexibility in terms of time, whom you want to work with and where you want to work at.

However, there is always a flip side of any coin. What happens when if you are out of jobs suddenly? This following article is dedicated to designers and developers who wanted to achieve financial freedom in freelancing. Here talking Top 5 Freelance Job Sites To Work From Home and you might want to go through to see if you’ve missed some of them. If you a company or individual looking to outsourcing or hire, these following sites might come in handy too. Full list after jump.

1. Elance
2. oDesk
3. iFreelance
4. Guru
5. GetAFreelancer

A famous online portal for freelancers, this is an ultimate place to meet professionals with business, technical and marketing expertise to get work done at an affordable price.
Benefit of Using Elance:

  • Most trusted Freelance Job Site


Earlier Upwork known oDesk and since 2004, this online marketplace truly embarked a revolution in the way world works. It’s win-win approach for both service providers and employers with meaningful work as well as top-flight talent, makes it an asset for both parties. Average size of a job here is $5,000.
Benefit of Using Upwork:

  • Among the best freelance job provider
  • Easy Payment after job completion

Your need may be of an experienced professional or an affordable novice, this is the place to find the top-notch photographers, web designers, proofreaders, data entry, bookkeeping and other such skilled freelancers. Freelancers are also free to choose projects that cater to their interest. What more? You need not bother to pay commissions to any mediator.
Benefit of Using iFreelancer:

  • Among the best freelance job provider

Like other freelance websites, this is another of the sources to find the indutry’s most ultimate professionals from world over. However, safer way to pay through Escrow gives this site an edge over other freelance sites. From business, creative arts to technology, select your favorite category and get started.

Benefit of Using Guru:

  • Among the best freelance job provider


Bag a project or post a project on this platform to get the best bids from gamut of skilled web designers, copywriters or freelance programmers. Provide work or get work at the best prices. Sign up today as a work provider or a work seeker. A word of caution – Stay alert before trusting anyone as there are a lot many fraudsters as well, on both sides.

Benefit of Using GetAFreelancer:

  • Among the top 5 best freelance job provider
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