You may find that after all your efforts you blog not getting to much traffic. As a beginner you might not identify the reason behind poor traffic and you may only concentrate on writing your blog.

As a blogger you need audience or reader who read your blog and appreciate your view or talk on particular issue. but without audience your blog or your view is nothing.

So, when you start your blog don’t make mistake that cost your blog too much. Here, talking 5 SEO Mistakes That Cost Your Blog:

1. Missing Quality Content

Missing Quality Content is biggest mistake for a blogger. You may write good blogg but you need to represent
you blog in such a way that whan a new audience read your blogpost donot stop reading and explore more.

2. No Internal linkinking

As audience like your blog post and want to explore more and your poor internal linking not help him. So, Add
your link of other blog post according to topic so that your audience easily navigate to related article.

Internal linking also decrease bounce rate of your blog and improve blog traffic as audience spend more time
on your blog.

3. Missing Your Niche Keyword

When a user search any article, Search engine show result in search engine result page and ranking of result depend upon many factor one of the niche keyword.

You need to optimize your blog post and research related keyword to add in blog post. You must add related topic keyword in Blog Title, Description, content heading and text.

So, whenever your blog post crawled by spider of search engine then search engine easily index your blog according to that keyword.

4. Poor Blog Marketing

Donot forget to market your blog post. You can market latest post as well as your oldest post. You can market
your blog using social media, paid advetising, email, receprocal link exchange, guest posting etcmarketing

5. Not Optimize Site for Flash, Scripts, CSS and Graphics

After implementing above all you need to optimize site for flash file, java script or Jquery script, CSS script and graphic images because all these are reduce blog site performance while page loading.

Analyse your blog with different available online tool and take appropriate action accordingly.


Rishi Sanuj

Rishi Sanuj is a software developer and working as a Web Developer in USA based software company.

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