6 Essential Website Features That Must Incorporate for Blog

You must incorporate website feature that can boost your website traffic. There are a huge list of feature to incorporate but many blogger not want to add all website feature to keep it simple.

Here, talking about 6 website features you must incorporate in blog site. The are:

  1. Social Sharing Buttons
  1. Email Subscription
  1. Mobile Version of Your Website
  1. Blog
  1. Landing Page Template
  1. Contact us

Social Sharing Buttons

Social sharing buttons gives options to readers to share content from your website. There are many plugin in WordPress that provides options to add social sharing buttons to each page.

Email Subscription

Add email subscription form to each page and each blog post for your website so you readers can subscribe to get latest blog, press release, newsletter or updated from you.

Mobile Version of Your Website

As we know currently everyone have Smartphone and internet so readers don’t need laptop or desktop for accessing website or any internet related activity.


Every website whose niche is whatever because through blog you can explain your product, activity, thought etc and attract customer, audience or reader to your website.

Landing Page Template

You must add attractive landing page using template to draw attention of first time visitors.

A landing page should have call to action button for different services and features available on your blog site.

Contact us

You must add contact us form page in your blog site and add link on menu, at homepage as call to action button. This will help you audience easily reach out for any help, support.

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