7 Best SEO Strategy To Increase Your Online Sales

You write blog article but not making any money and you are wondering why my blog has been not making
money. Think about it that why should your blog not making any money.

If you got your answer then OK either analyse your blog and your step to making from your blog.

Can you able to analyse what is missing in your blog? Absolutely strategy!

First your blog need traffic, as without traffic your blog is unknown to world. Earlier I have talk
about how to boost traffic using different method. When you get traffic then your audience know you and
your blog and when audience found that your blog is interesting then they explore your blog more.

here again I explain 7 Best SEO Strategy To increase your online sales.

1. Keyword Strategy
a. Research Keyword
b. Add Keyword with Title, Content

2. Use Customized Videos for Your Products
a. Use keyword in your video title, short description.

3. Reach Out your Client Through Social Media
a. Publish Your Blog Product on social media such as Facebook, Twitter
b. also participate in niche type of different group

4. Reduce e-commerce load time
a. Optimize your site

5. Write Organic and Unique Content for Your Business
Don;t copy paste from Other blog website instead write your blog post in your own words

6. Quality Link Building
Market your Blog Post, Service every possible places

7. Page Like FAQ Should be added to Your Portal
Add FAQ in Your blog

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