7 Best Ways To Make Money As Content Writer

  1. Blogging:
    Writing blogs and guest blogging can be fun and are often high-in-demand just like articles. Freelance writing blogs can potentially allow you to double your earnings (if you have an existing blog, of course). Once you earn a good name for yourself and your blog becomes popular, companies will more than likely hire you. Providing that your writing skills and creativity impress them. Hence, blogging is a great way to get work as an article freelancer.
  2. Networking:
    You can drop your resume or your CV to the companies who require freelancers. Sending your resume with an impressive cover letter could land you some high paying projects. Apart from registering yourself on the websites mentioned above, networking plays a very important role when it comes to article freelancing.
  3. Review Writer
    We all know that word of mouth is a great medium to spread the news. It’s also is a great way to let as many people as possible know that you are a freelance writer and looking for work. So get your business card printed and tell as many people as humanly possible about your freelancing capabilities.
  4. Guest Posting:
    Building a website goes a long way in marketing by projecting yourself and letting the world know who you are and what services you are offering. Your website should speak for you and should market you in a way that employers shall find interesting. So build your website now and start marketing yourself on the World Wide Web.
  5. Content Farm Companies:
    there are some freelancing companies like TexBroker.com that mass hire writers. You must apply and get approval to join their team and they will handle the actual article topics and job acquisition. You will just be given the articles to write. The pay is often less, though the process of looking at, bidding for, and winning jobs will be taken out of your hands — you are just given the work directly
  6. Forum
  7. Free Services
    1. Provide Free Service at Content Provider Service
  8. Question Answer Website
    1. Quara
    2. Yahoo Question Answer

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