You have noticed that blogger often use infographic in post so that they represent complicated blog content graphically. Infographics help to represent boring subject meaningful as picture or graph is always helpful to explain any topic with ease.

What is Infographics?
Infographics is graphical visual representation of information, data,content to present blog content quickly which also helpful in content marketing to boost traffic of blog site.

What Should Your Infographics have?

As infographic is visual representation of data and information; a infographic should have:

  • Show the Survey Data
  • Show Complicated Details with simplification
  • Show Working function of device
  • Show Comparison

Although I use Photoshop to create infographic for my blog site( but earlier I was using different available online tools to offload work pressure from heads.

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7 Ways To Creating Infographics for Blog Website:

1. Canava
Canva’s a powerful and easy-to-use online tool that’s suitable for all manner of design tasks, from brochures to presentations and much more besides, with a vast library of images, icons, fonts and features to choose from.

Venngage is a great tool for creating and publishing Infographics because it’s so simple and easy to use. You can choose from templates, themes, and hundreds of charts and icons as well as uploading your own images and backgrounds, or customize a theme to suit your brand.

3. is a fun tool to create your Infographics with drag and drop features and a simple interface. You can easily create and share visual ideas online, supported by ‘vhemes’ or visual themes that help you get started from the preset Infographics style. Drag and drop a ‘vheme’ onto your canvas to turn your idea into a full infographic.

4. Piktochart
Piktochart enable you to create an Infographics using a combination of different types of visualizations such as themes, icons, vectors, images and chart exporter. It provides drag-and-drop and click your way through color schemes, shapes and fonts, then export the materials as static or html to easily embed it for use at your site.

5. provides to create an online resume format that is beautiful, relevant with just single click. enables you to show your professional ability in a simple yet compelling personal visualization, and will help optimize your LinkedIn Profile to get a kickass Visual Resume.

6. visual – provides more than 1000 specialized creative professionals desing to create infographics. You can start with strategy and Integrated products and services using also provide template for video, ebook, presentation, social media content etc

7. Infogram –

Infogram can create great Infographics which boost visitor(audience) engagement and traffic on your blog website.

You can design high-quality graphs and charts using infogram within seconds. All you need to do is import data, customize your chart, embed online or share on social media.

Infogram provides easiest way to draw and share interactive infographic maps.


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