Every Blogger want that audience will reach out to blog. As you know that blog that just started takes time to get audience or get traffic. You can drive audience or traffic by promoting your blog on different platform. If you want to bring in the huge traffic, you must become little shameless to promote your blog whenever you get chance. Here 9 Best Tips To Improve Traffic To Blog:

Content is King and everything

Keep it mind that first and foremost, your blog drive huge traffic due to promotion of blog but if content is not good then you get only new audience reach out your blog but ran away immediately and lead to high bounce rate of your blog site. Your blog only get real traffic when you get returning audience or you may call them loyal audience who return again to find something new on your blog. comes when audience You’ll need to provide useful content.

Participate Actively in Forums

Related niche forum is good way to promote your blog and drive traffic to your blog through that forum. In Forum member ask question whenever they face any problem. As a participant or member of that forum you should try to solve problem of that member and also not forget to add your blog signature and related content link from your blog site. This action will drive traffic not only from that particular member, but all other members.

Visit Other Blogs and Add comments to their blog Post

Not forget to follow your competitors blog and add comment wherever requires. Your comment should be positive and if you pointing any mistake then also add possible alternate solution in that comment. Such action attract your competitor audience and then will try to reach out your blog site. This action also draw huge traffic to your blog site.

Add Tags

WordPress have provide easy opportunity to add Tags in blog post so that search engine crawler find while crawling your site. And when a user search similar keyword to Tag then Search engine list your tag in search engine result page. Adding tag also build tag cloud which help to drive traffic through Search Engine Result Page.

Add Links

During content creation or blog writing not forget to add internal link in blog wherever it requires. When your audience visit your blog post then these internal link will help to find relevant content and audience will not leave you blog site to that. Alos this action reduce website page bounce rate.

Submit Your Site

After publishing your blog post not forget to submit your blog post to all search engines to list it in for search engine result page. You will also need to ping all the engines every time you update. To Ping all search engine use free service such as Pingoat or Ping-O-Matic to ping all.

Install an RSS Button

Installing a RSS Button make easy to audience to subscribe your blog. And whenever you publish a new blog post user will reach out easily.

Read Up the Latest Traffic Building Trends

For writing a fresh and latest blog post read up the latest traffic building trend on different mode of information such a social media, technical website. As you know that top bloggers always offer traffic building tips in addition to other helpful information.

Analyze Your Stats

Apart from above steps, you’ll must analyze your blog site stats time to time using Google Analytics and other similar type site that offer services. Your blog site statistic will not only let you know how many people are stopping by each day, but they’ll also let you know where everyone is coming from. This will enable you to determine which traffic boosting methods work best for you.


Rishi Sanuj

Rishi Sanuj is a software developer and working as a Web Developer in USA based software company.

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