You have used internet since last few years and the same applies to the whole world as internet get more popular during the beginning of the 21st century as internet becomes more popular during that period.

Whenever you access any website actually you are accessing a html file or page because internet run on html. Do you believe that backbone of internet is Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML.

Websites are developed in different programming language such as, php, java servelet, html . When we request a website then that website page is render in HTML format by server for you. The person who have technical knowledge about Internet don’t have any argument but for beginner or not-technical raise eye brow about this. But this is fact that internet world is ruled by HTML i.e Hyper Text Markup Language.

How Create Page using HTML?
You can create a HTML web page, and you must some basic knowledge of HTML elements which consists tag in angel bracket(<HTML>).
HTML tag written in pair means when a tag start it must be have end tag such as  <html> </html>.

What is format of Website HTML webpage?

There is certain pre-define format of HTML Tags. Following are the basic format of any webpage:

<Title> My web page</Title>
…page content goes here…..

for beginners I describe  certain tag of a webpage.
It must be start with <html> start tag and everything comes after this tag.
After <html> tag there is two part one <Head> </Head>and another <body> </body>

in HTML <head> tag ; you can define  <Title> tag which show page title in web browser, define css file or link to external css file and define java script or link to a java script file.

IN web page <body> section,  you can add any thin which you want to display on web page.

after getting information of basic knowledge about HTML  a thought comes who and how HTML invented or developed.

for getting this answer,  must see back meas looking its history. After little goggling I found that:
HTML was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who discover Internet.

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Then question arise when?

It was in 1989,  Sir Tim Berners-Lee  wrote a memo proposing an Internet based Hypertext system. He specified HTML and wrote the browser and server software.

Why he wrote HTML?

naturally,  He work for CERN, and researcher from CERN needed a system to share their document.

Where to learn HTML?

to learn HTML, here I am listing to website:


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