Benefit of using DISQUS as Blog Commenting tools

What is DISQUS?

DISQUS is comment management system and available to integrate with Blogging plateform such as WordPress, Tumblr and blogger.

DISQUS standard feature have comment moderation, spam filtering, Akismet integration, blacklisting and customize appearance.

DISQUS offers the best add-on tools for site owners to power discussions, increase engagement, and earn revenue.

Feature of DISQUS Dashboard:

Disqus Dashboard include features:

  • That make it unique as a comment system
  • Real time discussion
  • DISQUS comments appear in real time, allowing to build and active community of commenters.
  • Login and account requirement ensure quality discussion and blacklisting and whitelisting allows to further moderate comments
  • Email Moderation
  • Comments in DISQUS can be moderated via email account using three commands, ensuring you are always in control of comments on your site
  • Social Integration
    • Social sharing, reaction and tagging help connect commenters accross social media plateform like twitter and facebook and allows commenters to tag Twitter and DISQUS using the @mentions
  • User analytics
  • DISQUS Dashboard provides information on the users commenting on your site, including user reputation, history, post approval rating, like from other users and more
  • Single Sign-on
  • DISQUS includes a single sign on features that allows to integrates the disqus user login with your existing site.
  • DISQUS also include option to log in using social network accounts

How to integrate DISQUS with WordPress

Benefits of Using DISQUS:

  • Powerful publisher tools
  • All for free
  • Easily integrates with WordPress, Tumblr , SquareSpace
  • Integration is easy and even non-technical can easily integrates
  • Build community through comments
  • Threaded comments
  • Powerful comment moderation tool
  • Prevent comment spam
  • Email notification & Subscription
  • Auto adapts according to your blog design
  • Supported more than 70 language
  • Moderate your comment easily with ban list, spam control, word filter, commenters reputations
  • Provides Analytic to analyze audience
  • Provide real time discussions
  • Provides instant notification on activity, email notification and email digests
  • Provide revenue analytic
  • Comments indexable by search engines (SEO-friendly)
  • Support for importing existing comments
  • Auto-sync (backup) of comments with DISQUS and WordPress database
  • Threaded comments and replies
  • Notifications and reply by email
  • Subscribe and RSS options
  • Aggregated comments and social mentions
  • Powerful moderation and admin tools
  • Full spam filtering, blacklists and white-lists
  • Support for DISQUS community widgets
  • Connected with a large discussion community
  • Increased exposure and readership
  • Import DISQUS comment back to WordPress comment system


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