Everyone want make money by sitting on the sofa inside home but this dream can be fulfill by only few due to job nature. Among the them is Freelancer who holding a laptop inside home and making money on sitting on sofa. Because as today technology bring whole world in your home through internet and computer.  You can also make money same as freelancer, just require a good internet connection, laptop and expertise.

As a freelancer you can work on any topic depending upon your experience. such as you can work as programmer, graphic designer, translator, writer, tutor etc.

Here talking Best Niche To Make Money  Online As Freelancer


Basically a writer don’t need any qualification to get a job as freelancer. In my view anyone can become writer but to get job you need to become good writer.

Your can Write Blog Posts, articles, eBook, Print Books, Brochures, Newsletters, booklets, whitepaper, special reports, package information, advertising copy and press release etc.

Graphic Designer

Among the most shout after Job as freelancer because professional who can write, code need image but they lack knowledge of graphic designer or have not time, they look for freelance graphic designer to design website, blog image, flyer, brochure etc.

You can create web design, print design, packaging, info graphic, logos, vectors, corporate identity, videography and business card design.

As you know whole technology on computer working through software and most big company have own development team so they develop software in house.

But  many company who want to same money through cost cutting hire freelance programmer and it open world for programmer.

You can make money by providing programming services to client such as HTML, PHP, Mobile App, WordPress Plugin, WordPress Themes and many more.

Customer Services
Small company hire freelance profession for customer services so they focus on completing projects. You can get customer services for data entry, virtual assistance, customer service, report, web research, telephone customer service, accounting and transcription.

Digital Marketing

SEO, PPC account management, social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Google plus, Pinterest, sales copy writing, website conversion optimization, email marketing, PowerPoint presentation, public relations, blogger outreach, and guest posting


As technology make whole world on and we are working on same project from different parts of world. But many times language is main hurdle to communicate with each other. Although we use English as main communication language from other parts team member but some times they are not proficient in English.

Another reason that they want to publish their website, advertiser in whole world so they nee language translator. You can get freelance translator job in Languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese and Japanese, German are most demanding.



Rishi Sanuj

Rishi Sanuj is a software developer and working as a Web Developer in USA based software company.

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