Best SEO strategy To Boost Blog Traffic in 2018

Learn from your mistakes and focus on what can be done to improve your website and leave behind the SEO mistakes that you might have done in all these years.

The secret behind the success of an SEO strategy, is to first find out the best technique and put in all your resources to make the strategy work. You can shortlist a few SEO techniques that you think can give good results. The following are a few SEO tactics that can help you achieve your targets this year:

1. Broken Link Building

Check for broken links on your website with our free online tool. Sign up & schedule automatic checks to keep your website fresh & up to date.

2. Find and Use Untapped Keywords

Quality content has thrived on the related keyword that disperses in the content properly. There are many tools like Google Ad word Keyword Planner in which it can give a wide spread information that is related to the keyword ideas, based on phrases, categories and search volume trends for only particular selected keywords. The selected keywords will help you that can use in the content.

3. Update and Republish Old Blog Posts

There is no secret in the fact that, people love to read updated content all the time. Not only people, Google also prefers to show their users up-to-date content for better user experience. Therefore, you should update your existing web content with newer ones for getting a better result.

4. Link Building
A search quality senior strategist at Google recently has revealed that “Backlink” is one of the top 3 ranking signals in Google’s search algorithm. Understanding the mindset of the search engine users will help you generate better links with proper keywords, instead of having to resort to cheap antics like buying fake links that redirect people all over the net.

5. Google Is the King, But Don’t Forget Bing And Yahoo

The domain of internet doesn’t revolve around a particular search engine only. Understand that search engines aren’t a monopoly. No engine has reached that epitome of performance yet, so that it can command every search query.

There are still users who prefer Yahoo or Bing, and some are just plain used to it. Some unknowingly set the others as default browsers and never notice a change. Understand that this requires you to adapt to the workings of the major search engines and develop your site accordingly.

6. Make Your Site Super-Fast
Optimize the formats and responsive sizes of the media that you have uploaded onto your website, and eliminate loose links and pointless data that slows down loading time.

7. Maintain Mobile Friendliness

A major section of the online customers is surfing the internet through their smart phones. Use the Mobile-Friendly Test tool by Google to see if pages on your site are mobile-friendly or not.

8. Use Long Tail Keywords in Your SEO Strategy

Long tail keywords are keywords or key phrases that are more specific to your product or service than more common head keywords (one word).

In general, long tail keywords get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion rate. The more specific your keyword is, the less competition you will have to face. If you have just started your SEO campaign for a brand-new website, then you should concentrate on long-tail keywords.

9. Switch Your Website to https

If one were to describe the internet, adjectives like ‘private’ and ‘confidential’ would hardly crop up. To this date,
there are many internet activities missed out on because people are cautious of their personal information and don’t trust the internet as a secure and private medium.

10. Make A Strong Presence on Social Media

The first websites newbies are exposed to are Facebook and other social media accounts. Almost everyone online has at least one or two social media accounts.

11. Search by voice

With the arrival of voice attendees such as Siri, Google voice and Cortana, we have a new type of search that is done by mobile phones and tablets: The search by voice.

These assistants are increasingly used and you have to take advantage of what they can provide SEO.

12. Article Submission

Article submission generally refers to the writing of articles that are relevant to your online business and then getting them added to the popular article submission directories.

13. Press Release Marketing

Press Releases as Marketing Tools. Press releases were originally designed as a communication tool between company PR staff or public relations firms and the media.

14. PPT Marketing

The process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.

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