You need huge traffic for blog website to reach more audience so that you can make money from your blog and you can achieve goal of huge traffic through many aspect such great content, Search Engine optimization, marketing etc.

But have you care what the way your get traffic or audience for your blog. Here I am talking Best Source To Get Traffic For Blog Website:

1. Search
2. Social
3. Direct
4. Referral
5. Email
6. Paid

Basicall you can get audience from above six way of any efforts of marketing and optimization.

Search Engine Traffic

Search Engine Traffic is when a audience click on search engine page result that leading to your website. The most popular search engine are Google, Bing, Yahoo,, Baidu etc

Most blogger want that their blog appear top in search engine page ranking. As you might know that Google lead the search engine traffic with approx 68% of searches so blogger more interested in indexing their latest blog post through Google Webmaster tools and analyse traffic using Google Analytics and both services are free from Google.

Social Media Traffic or Organic Traffic

Social media need planning because engaging people on social media is tricky one. Basically Social Media Traffic refers to get traffic to your website through social media site such such as Facebook, Google Plus, PIntereest, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Slide Share etc. You need to create a checklist of social media sites so that whenever you publish a blog post you also share your post content, image on social media site.

Social media contribute approx 50 percent of organic traffic to your blog website. So create a checklist of social media to share your post on social media after publishing your blog post

Direct Traffic

According to Google Analytics their are 4 type of Traffic and they are Referral, Organic, paid and Direct Traffic. And Direct traffic defined as URL of a website that audience/user type directly in browser address bar or bookmark that URL in browser.

You get direct traffic more when you build a handsome amount of loyal customer who return to your website to get more information. Direct traffic your get from your returning customers, your friends or any curious visitors want to know more about your blog.

Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic defined as audience came to your blog site from a source outside of search engine.

Referral traffic boost your blog traffic when you collaborate to another blogger and they recommend your blog site to get more information

Email Traffic

Email Traffic is part of marketing campaign for you blog website. Approx 20% marketer says that their primary revenue source is email marketing.

When ever you publish post then you send news letters to your friend, registered reader to notify about your latest blog post.
When your reader open their mailbox to check their mail, would click on your latest blog post link. Email Traffic also boost organic traffic of your blog website

Paid Traffic

Basically when you pay for visitors on your blog website it known as Paid traffic.

If you have budget for marketing then don’t hesitate for paid traffic as it cost you but you get handsome amount of visitors to your site. common types of Paid traffic  are Social Media Advertisement, Pay Per Click etc.


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