Best Way To Find Blog Post Ideas

To find the right blog topic ideas, you need to look within first – what are you passionate to write about? What are the topics you would like to discuss with other people? Maybe you’re going through something (or been through something) in life that you would want to voice and support others who are on the same route? Dig into your own psyche to find what makes you write.

A fantastic way to generate ideas for highly effective blog posts is to monitor the comments sections of other blogs within your niche.

Someone else is covering your topic, and if they’re an authority in their space then their posts probably generate a decent amount of conversation.

Part of this conversation will be questions that readers had about the material, or different perspectives that you could explore further.

By mining the comments for material, you will be able to write blog posts that enter the conversation that is already place in your market’s mind.

Keyword Research:

Type in your niche at SERPs[1] and get ideas from other realted keywords. You’ll also be able to see how much interest people have in these keywords based on number of searches.


Be active in forums related to your niche. Find these forums by typing in “your niche + forum” as a query in Google search. The main categories on the home page will give you ideas. Look for topics that get a ton of activity, they are great topics to write posts about. Be active in the forums while you do the research, you can become known as an expert and you’ll end up driving traffic to your site as well.
Other Blogs By Monitor blogs and publications in your space:

What are the most influential bloggers in your niche writing about? Odds are they know their audience very well. Get ideas from them. Don’t copy their work, if they have content that would be valuable to your audience (they likely will), link out to it in your own post.

Social Platforms:

See what people are talking about in the groups related to your niche on Facebook, Google + or Pinterest. Search twitter for “# + your niche” and see what topics are trending.

Other Content Platforms:

Check out niche related YouTube videos and podcasts. There are a ton of people interested in your niche that may prefer to listen to or watch content. You can get some great ideas from the content generated on these platforms
top shared articles.
The social shares prove that people found interest in these articles. It’s good sign there something in them.
Check out the blog comments of industry leaders

to supply yourself with ammunition for blog post ideas for months to come.
Consult your competitors.
see for yourself what the competition is doing and what’s working well (or not) for them.

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