Best Ways To Attract Traffic To Your Website

Blogger need traffic to website to get more audience, and sells that make blogger popular and making money from blog

But as a beginner you might not know how to draw traffic to your website.

Here talking Best ways to attract traffic to your website using different available popular methods:

1. Fresh Content

Content is king!

any website can easily attract huge traffic any situation even site design is not good because your reader need information or content from you.

You may have already noticed that most of the blogger writing same type of content so try to write different and practical way so that your site visitor return again and again.

2. eBook

Write an eBook with content such Beginner Guide for your clients, reader, something that you know from your professional experience that others do not offer and try to fill that gap.

You may write smaller eBook that should be important and have great value, clear and useful.

Include it in a visible way on your website or blog so that visitors can download it and in return leave your mail.

eBook to download with lead uptake

Also upload it to the largest bookstore in the world: Amazon. You will obtain great visibility and help to boost your business. Maybe you’re interested in our book: Succeed with your eBook . How to write, publish and sell your book with success in which we tell you how to make your book become a bestseller and enhance your business or personal brand.

3. Newsletter

The Newsletter is the ideal complement to your blog post, videos and infographics.

It will give visibility to your content to the visitors that you already have loyalty: those leads to which you will send periodically information of value that you are publishing and you do it with the Newsletter.

4. Videos

Videos well optimised for keywords, are usually positioned even better than blog posts.

There are many contents that fit very well in a video:

Testimonials from clients.
Video tutorials ( How to ).
Video interviews with industry leaders.
Video showing the “backstage” or the interior of your company.
Animated videos to highlight the competitive advantage of your product or service.

In this link you have a more detailed content of the types of videos for company and in this the types of animated videos that you can use to promote your company or products .

In the following example we show you a video tutorial made with zero cost, somewhat “homemade” but practical.

5. Infographics and images

Infographics are a type of content that is very appreciated not only by the general public but also by journalists and bloggers who can get hold of your content in an infographic format, provided that the content as well as visually appealing has “substance” (content of value).

Also get used to generating images for your content in text, such as blog post in various sizes adapted to the dimensions that are best visualised in the social networks you use.

For example these would be the ideal dimensions for the images you share on Facebook and Twitter (especially take care of the dimensions of the images of the posts of your blog that you want to share on social networks):

6. PDFs

If there are contents that can go in PDF, do it also in this format, they tend to position themselves quite well.

For certain posts or contents, it offers the double option of content and downloadable PDF (it also optimises the PDF with keywords, you know: we are very heavy with the keywords!)

7. Presentations on Slide share

Any presentation that you use in Power Point format or similar, upload it to Slide Share. Rate the option to hire the Premium service. You can get the data of people who download your presentations.

8. Webinars

It is one of our favourite tools to offer valuable content to people who in some way have already loyalist through other content.

It is, along with some videos and the podcast, a type of content that carries a long exposure to potential customers. It generates trust and credibility. Two excellent attributes to provoke the sale.

9. Alternative products:

Bonuses and offers, mobile applications, sector reports, survey results, etc., are other content that can be very interesting for your target audience.

10. Podcast

A podcast is a free audio file, which you can download and listen to on your computer or on an MP3 player.

You can broadcast podcast as if you had your own radio studio with very few resources.

It is about offering new contents of interest for your target audience in a new format: audio. Here is an eBook where he explains step by step how to create a successful podcast.

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