Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Blog traffic is asset of a blogger, without traffic your blog stand nowhere, so every blogger need traffic. Your blog can get traffic through Content, SEO, Marketing, Social Media, Returning visitors.
Content optimization is first step towards getting traffic to your blog site but here talking other different ways to Drive Traffic To your Blog.

Create Original Content

Always create original content, unique and presentable so your audience easily connect with you blog. Before creating select a topic for Blog post and research that topic, find keyword for related topic.

Whenever you read any topic related to create unique content, always you get suggested that you should create original content. But original content creation is not possible because someone already write on the same. So, question raise how to create original content for your blog post.

Still you can create original content by identifying missing area in published post, own way of presentation etc

Steps to Create Original Content: 
1. Add Keyword to the title of your post
2. Add LSI Keyword to the Description meta section
3. Improve CTR effects on SERPs
4. Use SEO Tool
5. Write for your audience/reader

Referral Traffic
Referral Traffic helps to increase blog traffic. You can get referral traffic following ways:
1. Blog commenting
2. Link exchange
3. Forum
4. Q & S site
5. Email
6. Press Release

Social Media
Social Media have huge impact on blog to increase traffic. You market blog post through social media between different forum, groups, pages to keep update your audience that leads to huge traffic to your blog site.

Here different mode of Social Media Marketing for your blog post:
1. Post content link on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc
2. Direct Traffic Source
You audience get access blog directly by typing URL in address bar of browser
3. Print domain name on Business card, Invitation Cards, Calendar, Brochure

Email List

Email is increase blog site traffic in upward direction because after publishing you send email to your audience to keep inform about latest post. So, when your audience get mail, they visit your blog site. But to get traffic from email marketing you should build email list.
Step To Build Email list:
– Newsletter Subscription
– Free ebook in exchange of email

Backlink is boost traffic from site where your site is added. As backlink boost traffic to your website as well as your site page authority also improve. If your blog site get backlink from better ranked site then your blog page authority boosted in upward direction.

Steps to build backlink for your blog:
1. Link Exchange
2. Outbound link


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