What is Backlink?
A link which connects two Web Pages and can be internal (between different Web Pages in a single website) or external (between Web Pages in different websites).

Backlink represent external link found on other website and referring to your blog site.

External links are two types – outbound links and inbound links.

Outbound links are the links in your site which could take a reader to other sites. But our point of discussion here are the inbound links – the links which direct readers from other sites to ours – also called Backlinks.

Usage of Backlinks is mostly overlooked by website owners while promoting their website. But according to SEO experts, having quality Backlinks account for about 80% of your chances for having a good search engine ranking.

So let us understand why your webpage needs Backlinks for better page ranking and what methods can be used to create high quality Backlinks in the coming paragraphs.

Backlinks are one of the effective ways for you to spread word about your website and its content. We all know marketing your content is as important as having quality content.

Backlinks are similar to recommendations in real life. Better the services you provide, more the recommendations you get.

In a similar way, search engines judge the quality of your website based on the number of relevant Backlinks you have.

Content Marketing:

Write impressive unique content that guide reader and also created content should be sharable. Make your content in the form of pdf, Doc, Infographic, Graphic, Presentation and submit the content accordingly in different platforms which will create diversified backlinks.

Build Relationships With Niche Competitors:

Network with webmasters of other sites in your niche, you earn the freedom to request a backlink from them. And editorial backlinks from relevant sites are the highest value links you can have today.

Participate on Niche Forums:

Once again, the benefit is niche relevance. But instead of the typical slash and burn link building that many do on forums, try and add value to discussions while you toss in your links. This gains you a lot more than just backlinks

Follow and Comment on Niche Blogs:

Though you must be careful to pick blogs that aren’t spammed to death, and focus on building links in well crafted and informative comments that add value to the virtual community, these can add a lot of link juice to your site – and drive real traffic as well.

Social media presence can boost your Backlinks. You can target commonly used social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus etc for this purpose.

Infographics is an effective idea to get more Backlinks. Infographics being visual representations of your content are easily accepted by other websites.

commenting in ‘do follow’ blogs relevant to your website or blog. ‘Do follow’ blogs are those blogs which would help in increasing your search engine ranking.

Reciprocal linking can be used for building Backlinks. But I won’t prefer this technique as one has to be extremely careful regarding this.

Document Sharing & PDf shearing: Content should be readable and informative.

Video sharing: Video should be attarcative and Informative.

Slide sharing: make attractive slide with strong content.You can use infographic images for sliding.

Wiki page: Create a Wikipedia Page For Yourself and include your link in the resource section.

Guest Blogging: Still effective, though harder to practice than before. But there’s a trick to getting some great guest blog posts published on niche relevant blogs, and you’ll learn details about how to do this.

Competitor Link Building Strategy:

Competitor link building strategy works when you find the right competitor which has improved with the help of their back-links.

Business Listings:

List your business in all the city based, county based and country based local business directories like yellowpages, hotfrog and more.

Participate in Question Answer Forum:
You can build backlink using question answer site such as Quora or Yahoo Answer or similar site by answering relevant question and leaving your blog site link for further details.

Press release

Its is an another way to get an quality backlinks by using press release. If it properly done, you can get a lot of quality backlinks from press release sites. This will make more people interested in your press release.


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