Pinterest is photo sharing social media network. Pinterest have more than 90 million users. There are many ways you have make money with Pinterest.

How Pinterest Work for You

Build their followings, gain thousands and thousands of new page views per month, and become powerful Pinterest influencers through my account management services. I’ve helped scores of others learn how to leverage this powerful platform to grow their own brands through my one-on-one consulting sessions.

How To Get Followers On Pinterest

– In order to gain more followers you need to start pinning like mad. Pin everything and anything you’re interesting in & create numerous boards for your pins. This is the most important step to gaining followers.
– Start following. Follow everyone that you find yourself interested in.
– Add your friends from social networking sites via the find friends option. This will allow you to add your twitter and facebook friends easily.
– Add products within the fashion and beauty categories. These seem to gain followers the best.
– Pin top products, current fashion, and all around useful information. Don’t make your boards sloppy and unorganized. This will create a solid foundation for your money making pins.

Here are 9 Effective Ways To Make Money With Pinterest.

Build Audience

Create Pinterest account and board that attract auidence to visit you Pintestest. Get followers to your boards by pinning your website image at Pintest Board

Build Authority

Once I had some experience running a Pinterest business account under my belt and had started to see some success, the next step was to build authority on the topic. Having the knowledge wasn’t enough—I had to make sure people considered me an expert.

Generate Money-Making Ideas on Pinterest

Everyone wants to make more money, and Pinterest users are no exception. Some users have created boards dedicated solely to ways to make money; check them out for inspiration for ways you can earn extra money on the side. You could wind up with an idea for a profitable side business!

This single board on money-making ideas has over 100,000 followers. It features everything from blogging academy coupons to tips on flipping thrift store finds.

Get sponsorship for Your Pin

Find a niche that you enjoy (for example, fashion for women over 30) and build your audience on Pinterest. Share content (aka pins) with them that gets your audience to consistently engage (e.g. likes, repins, comments). Once you have built your audience and have a steady degree of engagement, it is time for you to reach out to sponsors that would be willing to pay for the chance to reach your audience.

Promote Affiliate Products

Pinterest allows you to pin products from Amazon or another network that you are an affiliate of. In order to make money, you will obviously have to use your affiliate link for each pin. Websites such as supply you with affiliate links when you sign on board with them.

When people follow the link from Pinterest to the specific website, you will be seen as the referrer and you will be rewarded with the commission of each purchase generated. Once again, make use of Pinterest’s visual appeal and get new customers for the products that you are promoting. Just make sure the products you are promoting tie in with other pictures and items that you share on your pinterest account, you don’t want your boards too look too spammy.

Implement SEO Strategy To get followers

According to official Pinterest statistics, the social network is attracting mainly female audiences. Knowing the people that will be seeing your message and achieving a certain degree of targeting is essential if you are willing to make money on Pinterest.

Pinterest comes with different channels and categories. Choose the right ones for your photos. Each category will be viewed by a specific audience and you want to be addressing the people that are most likely to make a purchase.
Re-Pin in Board

In order to make money on Pinterest, you will have to expand your network. Your message needs to reach a big number of people, in order to be effective. Having a large network is also signifying that your photo will get re pinned several times, which will enable it to reach a larger audience.

Pin and repin the contents that other people share. As a courtesy, these individuals are very likely to promote your pictures. The larger the audience, the higher your chances of success.

Offer a Service
a. Pinterest Consultant
b. Product Promotion

Social Media Integration
Pinterest information sharing can be easily integrated with Facebook and Twitter. This is a tremendous way to reach a larger audience. Making use of this feature is the best way to get the message across multiple channels and to increase the number of people that will be exploring your products.

Offer A Physical Product
Do you have a physical product that you sell? Pinterest is the perfect place for you to market that product. Take professional quality pictures of the production process, of the finished product, and of the product being used. You could even ask customers to send you pictures where they are using your product. Put these pictures on Pinterest with a link to the product sales page and you are well on your way to an increase in sales as your pins are liked, repinned, and discussed.

Sell A Digital Product
Digital products are HUGE these days. Many people are making a significant amount of income selling printables, digital files, online courses, and ebooks. Pinterest is a great way to market these products. You can even implement video marketing in your pins!



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