Essentials Tip : SEO Basic for your blog

Essentials Tip: SEO Basic for your blog

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) help your site/blog to rank higher in Search Engine.

So every site/blog need basic SEO optimization for their website. Here, you know that How can you build your website that it appear top ranking in Google, Yahoo or Bing Search Engine.

Who are familiar with SEO, know that SEO is not a rocket science that lead your website  in number one rank in one day. It is time taken process with carefully execution of SEO, Linkbuilding, Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Socail Media Marketing etc.

SEO Basic
SEO Basic

Why SEO is important?
As a beginner you can this like why SEO is important. Is it affect site/blog.

Yes, it affect your site/blog ranking, traffic, income. If your website or blog have not optimize according to search engine then it will not appear in any Search Engine ranking.

Suppose you have a Product and user searching it on net using Google search engine using product keyword and your website not listed in website then search engine not show your product and website in search list. So user select top most search product.

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As Search Engine survey show that most user using search engine hardly visit more than 3-4 pages for information the are looking. So It is import to your website/blog appear at least under 50. If not you hardly get any organic visitor.

What is Basic SEO?

Basic SEO is beginning of SEO for your website /blog.

Whenever you think website ranking then think SEO and it leads to basic SEO.

As you know every baby step lead to you in Big Step. So Basic SEO is necessary.

Basic SEO are Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Keyword, Content, Image Tool tip, Alt Text, Title.

You should also know:

  • How Search Engine works?
  • What is spider?
  • What is Crawler?

What Black Hat SEO?

Every page have Title tag in HTML head section. Put your page/ blog Title in here.
Whenever you access your page this title will show at the top of page.

How To Use Title Tag in Website:
<Title>page Title</Title>


<Title>SparklingTalk: An Innovative Way To Know Internet World Technology</Title>

Meta Description
When your page appear in search engine, user read this short description about your page.
Meta Description should be short and attractive content that after reading it user visit your page.

How To Use Meta Description:

<meta name=”description” Content=”This is meta description” />

Meta Keyword
Keywords improve your website search engine ranking. Spider/crawler look it for search engine.
So create your page content in such a way that have 2-4 keywords.

How To Use Meta Keyword in website:

<meta name=”keywords” Content=”This is meta keywords” /


Content is king for every website. If content on your website is not great then visitor leave page immediately and never willing to return.
Great content increase traffic of your website by returning visitor.
Image Tool tip
This is important for site visible in search engine. Search engine algorithms look tool tip for information

Alt Text / Title
Both are same and important for higher search engine ranking.



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