How can I drive traffic to a brand new blog?

After launching new blog, generating traffic to a new blog is dream for every blogger. As a new blogger without promotion and marketing you get zero visitor to your blog. So, you need to use different method to get more traffic on your new blog.

There is numerous way to marketing and promoting a website which drive traffic to your new blog.

How to drive traffic to new blog
Website Traffic

1. Create Great Content
There is no replacement for great content. As every blogger is knows that for success of a blog Content Is King. Better the content you get more visitor.

If your content is unique you get more Google Page Ranking and more traffic including returning visitors. You can create great content by  more research before posting any blog.

Avoid duplicate content for your blog. Duplicate content is harmful for any blog.

2. SEO
You must optimize  your blog with On-Page and Off-Page SEO.  Apply SEO on Page title, Keyword, Descriotion, Alt, tooltip etc

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3. Search Engine Directory
After launching your blog, Submit your blog and post to search engine directory like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc

4. Email Marketing
Email Marketing is important aspect to drive more traffic to your website. First you inform your circle like friend family about your blog  and email them whenever you post new blog. This could be small steps but it lead to more traffic to your new blog
You can also add subscriber option in your blog so that any reader want to get latest update through email.

6. Word to Mouth Promotion
You can also promote new blog with mouth to mouth publishing between friend, relative and any group you involved. This also
lead to not huge but potential traffic to your blog

7. Blog Comments
You can Comment to other blogger post. You make note that your comment should be valuable which lead to more traffic to your new blog.

You also allows comment in your blog so that any visitor reader give you valuable suggestions or appreciate your work

8. Guest Posting
Guest posting is among the best method to drive more traffic. Initially this is tough for new one. So first build credibility
then write great content and leave a request to top blogger for publish your blog in their blog.

9. Social Media
Social Media are very important factor to drive traffic to your new blog. Social site such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+,
LinkedIn and Instagram etc

10. Join Blogging Community
You can join blogging community and actively participate in disccusion on you niche topic. There are many communities
dedicated ti specific blogging groups.

11. Joining Blogging Directory
You can submit your blog to different blogging directory.

12. Backlink
submit your blog post to top rated blogger to link it with their website. Reciprocally you also link them to your blog

13. Internal Linking
Internal linking is important factor. You can create sticky content with the help of internal linking with related world

14. AdWord
Adword is google paid service for adverstisment. If you have budget then you can join AdWord service which driver more traffic
15. PPC
Similaly there is PPC advertisment service. This also lead more traffic to your website


Any new blogger need traffic to their blog to get noticed in blogging world. Applying different methods to drive traffic to your website take sometime.  If you have not enough time then hire a professional to manage your blog.

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