How To Achieve New High As Blogger In 2017

New year bring new target to achieve as blogger in year 2017. As blogger 2016 is not much successful year but I gain more experience about my niche as research related article. Yesterday I have talk reason behind my failure in 2016 but I have already set a very high standard and target to achieve in 2017.

I have learn many lesson from last year failure due to job responsibility and main reason behind my failure was no content. I have draft many article but not finalize to publish.


Consistency is key for success of any blog as search engine crawler did not crawl your site if not updated regularly and similarly your audience distracted from your blog and lead to loss of page ranking, loss of site traffic etc.

Last year I have not maintain any consistency in publishing my blog article at So, In 2017, I have to publish regularly high quality content article so you can also benefited from it. As I know there is already many top blogger to write something better than me but my target those area that are not available in those top blogger or their older article.

Content Quality

Consistency is a major factor but article content quality is more important factor than others. As you know that blogger say that “Content is King” and that’s true. Your good content brings everything for you such as audience, traffic, organic traffic, popularity, money etc. So, I always publish good quality article.


Last year I have optimize as mush as possible but lack of content leave my option limited to optimize In 2017, I  set a target to optimize whenever publish blog article such as on-page optimization, off-page optimization.

Keyword Research

Keyword research for blog article leads to organic traffic to your blog site and leads to high page rank in SERP, so whenever plan a article not forget to research keyword. Search engine crawler crawl your site and look for those keyword and whenever a user search related keyword in search engine, the result display your website so get organic traffic from search engine


Email Marketing

You know good blog content bring more traffic but blog marketing also bring huge traffic.  As content in improve, I start email marketing so that my audience get email whenever I publish any article. This will boost returning audience traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media brings a lot of traffic these day. so, I have already started social media marketing on Facebook, twitter, PInterest, Google+ but missing on many other platform such as StumbleUpon, Reddit etc. As Social Media is major source of traffic to your blog site, I will explore it as much as possible.

Activity at related forum

Related forum draw major traffic to your website. I have join many forum but till now not participate actively. In 2017, I have set target to actively participate in these forum and provide solution to user wherever it is possible.

Such forums are:

Final word:

To achieve high page rank below 10,00,000 need to good blog article, well execute SEO and marketing to bring huge traffic at


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