How To Become Successful Blogger And Make Money

At present you can start as a Blogger easily and just need start a blog but become successful blogger
and making money is tough and need hard work, Consistency, Monetization, Content Optimization,

Most of the blogger aim to start making money soon as blog started

Analyzing say that million of blogger writing blog but only few becomes successful and also making
money from blog.

Step To Become Successful Blogger And Make Money

1. Select a Niche
Research available niche and select a niche that suit your expertise, interest. you can select any
niche which is sellable.

2. Find niche related Domain Name

3. Get a Good Hosting Provider

4. Select a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla

5. Get Good Looking responsive Theme

6. Collect Information about selected Niche
After selecting your niche, first collect information related to your niche.

7. Make High Quality content
– Rearch Selected topic
– Develop Writing skill to present in Own Word.
– Write Short and Long Post according to requirement

8. Identify Area that create Problem
– Need Hardwork
– Disciplined
– consistency
– Good Communication

9. Build action Plan To Track Progress
– Blog Posting

10. Optimize Blog

11. Market You Blog
– Verbal(mouth to mouth) Marketing
– Email Marketing
– Press Release
– Paid Advertising
– Social Media

12. Monetize your blog
– Direct ad space Sell
– Google Adsense
– Paid Review
– Paid Post

13. Learn From Mistake
– Making mistake is part of life and human nature
– always try to don’t repeat same mistake

14. Communicate with your audience

15. Follow Online Trend

16. Implement Search Engine Optimization

17. Give Importance to Design and Formatting of Blog

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