How to Boost Blog Traffic from Social Media

Your blog website get huge organic traffic from social media but you need to market your blog better way so that you reach maximum social media user. There are many social media platform and you need to post your blog title, image, or short description on all these platform such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, PInterest etc.

Here talking about How to Boost Blog Traffic From Social Media:

1. Share you content

a. share your content multiple times

Share your blog multiple times at social media and make a schedule that share Your blog post just after publish, after 3 hours, next day and so on. Why should you publish your blog multiple times at social media site? Because at many site such as twitter any post life span is hardly 15 minute so your audience, reader might may be missed it but when you publish your latest blog multiple times then chances increase to maximum. But avoid too much sharing because search engine identify you as spammer.
You can create checklist to share content such as same day, next day, next week, Next Month and stick to your checklist.

b. Not share same message more than once

You should become clever while sharing your blog at social media and do not share same type of message more than once or repeatedly. You and modify/divide your blog title /content as straight, Question, Facts, Quotes etc and add link to your blog so your audience should curious about your shared posts.

c. Not share same content on all platform

Again you should clever while sharing your content to different social media platform, so do not share same type of content at all platform. Such as at facebook you can share title, short Description and image, title and image at twitter.

d. Analyse and Monitor Result

After sharing content on social media you should monitor and analyse traffic using google analytics. Also you should monitor about negative feedback from audience.
– Using Google Analytics monitor website traffic after sharing content

e. Share Image

While sharing blog post content on social media platform you should must add related image because image attract quick attention from audience or readers.

2. Join Social Media Forum

Social Media have many forum where members ask question, share experience so that you must join your niche related forum and start participating in discussion. While participating and providing suggestion/help you can add related reference from your blog site so that member get details overview of the problem.

3. Use Popular Tags

Social Media platform such as twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook accept tags so that a reader can find any related tag content easily.

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