Open Site Explorer by MOZ is among the best online tool available to analyze your blog backlink. You can analyse blog or site backlink using many online tools but among all tools MOZ Open Site Explorer is the best for backlink analysis.

What is Backlink?

Backlink is a way to linking your site with your own website other pages and other website to boost traffic of your website or in other words backlink is a hyperlink that links from a Web page, back to your own Web page or Web site. Backlinks are also known as inbound or incoming links, and they are links to your website from another place on the internet. They are extremely useful to search engines, because they give a good indication that a website is popular.

A backlink can be good or bad for your website it all depends upon that your backlink is coming from which type of website.

These backlinks are links on other website, when clicked, take the user to your Website. A good backlinks make a huge impact on a website traffic, page ranking, page authority in search engine results and help to improving a website’s SEO ranking. Although Search engines calculate rankings using multiple factors to display search results including backlink.

What is importance of Backlink?

Number of backlinks a website has is in a good indicator of its popularity or importance with search engines. You can get a higher page ranking using backlinks than it is to influence search engines with external backlinks from other sites, which is why backlinks matter so much in a search engines algorithm.

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1. Open site explorer from MOZ
2. Enter your website URL and Click Search Button

3. Find Inbound Link list

4. Check list that having high spam score

5. Click Linking Domain and view linking domain details

6. Click Compare Link Metrics and and analyse link metrics

MOZ- Open Site Explorer- compare linking domain

Conclusion: After checking backlink using Open Site Explorer you can take appropriate action to add good backlink and get rid of bad link which are affecting your website ranking and traffic.


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