You have upload video to YouTube and monetize it and google pay you according to views on your video. But you find that after uploading your video there is no view.
Because your new video is not optimized to get in YouTube search. So, if you need traffic to video first optimized it. But there is difference between website page optimization and YouTube video optimization and similarly their is many similarity between them also.

What is keyword for YouTube?

YouTube video is indexed in google search list according to keyword used in YouTube video. Similar to a webpage SEO optimization, YouTube video have Title, Page Title, description and meta tags to add keyword.

What is Importance of Keyword For Youtube?

When user search a video according to need, use a related word for that and youtube search these keyword and display it youtube search list similar to Google Search Engine. If you add relevant keyword in your youtube video then you must get more views

Where do you put keywords on YouTube?

You can add youtube keyword on following position:

Title tag information
Audience retention
Keywords in description tag
Video length
Number of subscribers after watching
Likes and dislikes

What is a keyword tag?

A keyword tag is Meta element that is located within the HTML of a web page. … Keyword tags were popularized in the late 1990’s by search engines like Info seek and Alta Vista, but it was quickly discovered that information contained in keyword tags could be misleading or an attempt to create spam indexing.

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How To Find Keywords For YouTube

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the best place to begin keyword research.
It’s designed for advertising, but you can use it to research organic keywords by customizing your results for one of your competitors.
Enter your product or service, your competitor’s landing page and product category. Customize your search for certain kinds of keywords.


Keyword Tool is a great starting point for keyword data mining. The tool uses Google Autocomplete data to create its database of long tail keyword suggestions.
Anyone using Google’s Keyword Planner for keyword research should also use Keyword Tool. Since Keyword Planner is designed for advertisers, it won’t always show lucrative long-tail keywords that Keyword Tool manages to capture.


The best (free) tool to expand on a base keyword and find long tail variations to talk about / include in your article.


KWFinder is a long tail keyword research tool with a great interface. It shows you trend, search volume, CPC, and level of difficulty in results.

KWfinder provide all important data about the keywords including difficulty level to help you find the easy to rank long tail Keywords. Persoanlly, after SEMRUSH is this is the second tool I use & recommend.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is a new tool by Moz that adds some extra dimensions to keyword research. In addition to Volume and Difficulty.


Much of our reporting is done out of SEMRush and its Keyword Analytics tool. If you are also doing keyword research for PPC this is a great tool. You can get all the info related to organic search and in addition stuff about ad history and other metrics important to PPC.


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