How To Find That Google Penalize Your Blog

Google Panda Penalty
Google Panda Penalty

If your blog ranking and traffic dropped suddenly then it is possible that your website was penalized by Google.

You might know that time to time Google Update their algorithm for search engine and Google penalize those blogs

or website which are not updated according to Google search algorithm criteria.

A Google penalty is worst nightmare for any blogger because it leads to sharp drop in website ranking result it affect your income.

What is Google Penalty?

Google uses Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbirds algorithm for search engine ranking.  Google Panda algorithm check low quality content, Poor SEO website blog. Google Penguin algorithm validate low quality link and bad linking( both External and Internal).

Blog or website not updated according to these search engine algorithm are penalize by Google.

Penalty can result in the sharp drop in your blog ranking.

Also know:
What is Google penguin, Panda, Hummingbirds?

How to check Google Penalize your blog?

1. Checking with Google Webmaster Tool
Log in to your Google Webmaster Tool and check that you have receive any manual action against your blog
click on Search traffic then click manual action from left sidebar

2. Penalty by Google Algorithm update
If your blog is not penalize manually and still your ranking is dropped then check Google algorithm

Before moving foreword you must know that what causes Google penalize your blog?

Reason to Penalize Website

Low Quality Content
If your blog have little or no original content or too much advertising.

Spam, Malware or Hacking
If your blog has been hacked and contain malware
If your blog is hit by spammer

Bad links
Any links that appear unnatural is bad link

Keyword stuffing
If you are using too much keyword for blog

After penalize your blog Google not inform you about Google penalty, its all depend upon you to check and update your blog according to Google Algorithm. So, How to check Google penalize my blog or not?

Symptom of Google Penalize
Sharp Drop in Rank
As a blogger you always monitor your blog ranking, if you find that sharp drop in blog ranking then wake up your blog might be penalize by Google.
You can check details with Webmaster Tools.

How to Recover From Google Penalty?
As you know Google has targeted low quality website/blog with little content and important on-page problems
You can recover form Google penalty by removing duplicate or low quality pages. It not matter how much old your blog page!!

1)Stay up to date regarding Google Update
Regularly check Google notice page and change in your website according to Google guideline
2) Remove Duplicate pages
Check your website content and find any duplicate Pages, and remove the duplicate pages.

3)Remove Low Quality Content
Find content that are less important or have very less content then do not hesitate remove it

4) Improve Blog HTML
Check your blog/website HTML issue. You can validate it from w3c or webmaster tool

5) Take security measures
If malware or span gives your blog a low quality ranking then analyses you blog and resolve issue

6) Remove bad links
Bad link are those link which are  hidden link, Low PR, some times Gambling site link.

Expert say that
“Few High PR link is better than thousand low PR link”

You can check Bad link with link Domain Authority(DA), Number of Linking Root Domains etc

Whenever your blog ranking and traffic have been fallen then first check your Google Webmaster tool for any warning message.

If there is warning message then it show that you loss your blog traffic due to Google algorithm Update.

To escape from Google penalty
you always write useful content describing every aspect related to topic.
Check duplicate content and error from your blog
– User inter link and useful keywords

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