What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is promotion of your blog content on different online marketing platform. As I have already talk about how to promote your blog site using Forum. But you can also market your blog site using different online platform.

How To promote your blog content for getting blog traffic:


Search for information related to blog and related niche. Use specific advanced search queries to “dig deep”. To Get more details information not forget to check out Google Advanced Search.

Google Trends:

Use Google trends to estimate product demand for a particular market and to assess brand awareness of competitive products or services.

Google Alerts:
Set up Google Alerts to notify you whenever competitor names or keywords related to your industry come up on social media.

Facebook and Twitter:

Want to find out who’s working with a competitor? Many social media managers follow or friend their company’s customers, prospects, and vendors.


Uncover the corporate backgrounds of prospects and find shared connections who might help make an introduction. Search LinkedIn profiles of competitors and their staff to find connections to key clients and suppliers. You can also find employees who are about to leave their company – they’re usually very active in updating their profiles or seeking recommendations.

Job Posting Sites:

See what kind of job postings a company has. You can often figure out their strategy or plans based on the positions they hire and which locations are hiring.


Search for videos that feature competitive products or key executives from rival companies. You can also look for third-party reviews.


Find the contact information of the people behind micro sites and content sites. Sometimes you may find that review site is actually an elaborate form of content marketing performed by their digital agency.


See what questions a company’s staff have answered – or asked – on Q &A site Quora. This is a site where users are required to to register with their real names and user profiles.


Find corporate decks and individual sales presentations that staff members from your competitors have uploaded to share with the world.


Rishi Sanuj

Rishi Sanuj is a software developer and working as a Web Developer in USA based software company.

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