Your blog drive a lot of traffic after your multiple effort by optimization and marketing but compare to traffic you are not making descent money from your blog. This type of scenario mostly faced by blog which is monetize by Google Adsense. As we know Google Adsense paid after clicking a advertisement from your blog site but might you may donot know that Google pay country-wise also. Such as if your audience from India and click on Google Adsense advertisment from your blog site then you get only few cents but when your audience from USA click on same advertisment you will be get upto $30 by Google Adsense.

Why Google Adsense pay like this? Because Google pays more to those country click which pay more for advertisment from Google. In this example, there is huge difference between payment of Google Adsense of same advertisement from Google Adsense.

1. Domain Targeting specific Country

2. Hosting Server Location

3. Create Content For Readers From Specific Country

4. Create Back link From Specific Country/Area

5. Be Active On Blogs That Get Traffic From That Country/Area

6. Interact With Bloggers From That Country/Area

7. Identify Keyword for Country specific search

8. Optimize Blog With Local SEO

9. Submit Website to Local Search Directory and Bookmarking Site

10. Use Google Webmaster Tool for Geo Targeting

11. Use Google Trends

12.Create Geo Targeted Twitter Accounts


Rishi Sanuj

Rishi Sanuj is a software developer and working as a Web Developer in USA based software company.

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