How To Get Organic Traffic From Social Media

Social media can make a big impact on organic traffic going to your website. Social media is an excellent way of driving organic, targeted traffic to your blog website. While driving traffic  to your social profiles will require you to do far more than just create a free social account, when done right — is an excellent way of building brand awareness. From likes, shares, comments, and even direct messaging to fellow friends. Everyone dreams of going viral, but reaching even a few hundred people can be a game-changer. Even if the post, image, or video being shared is not sales or product centered — it helps to increase awareness about your brand.Digital marketing is the best way to promote your business online of any field.

1. Create Facebook Page
a. Publish your Blog
b. Build like and share
i) Leads returning organic traffic
ii) Leads viral Marketing in the form of Share

2. Join Facebook Group
a. participate in discussion
b. help to get solution with your blog link

3. Create Twitter account
a. add each blog post with link
i. Boost Organic Traffic
ii. Retweet older post

b. Add Relevant HashTag
i. Boost more organic traffic
ii. Increase new audience

4. Create Google plus page
a. Add each blog post
i. Improve new and returning traffic
ii. Build new audience

5. Post Blog Image on Instagram
a. Add each blog post at Instagram with blog link short URL
b. add relevant hashtag

6. PInterest
a. Create Board for your blog site
b. Add Blog post as pin to this Board

7. Create LinkedIn profile
a. add recent blog to LinkedIn
b. build relationship with other

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