How to handle 404 Error of your blog

Many times you have requirement to change/modified blog title for better readability, SEO.
After modification in blog title, URL it need to update all related link to new one.

Sometimes you are unable to modified that link which are sent through email, newsletter etc.

Whenever a visitor click old link then your website show 404 error.

Only this not alone reason for 404 error.

Reason for 404 error


  • Change/Update of link of your blog
  • Typing mistake by the visitor
  • Removal of content from your blog

So, you need to handle 404 error more carefully and capitalize 404 error in your favor.

Change/Update of link in your Blog

This happen when change of website design, or updating blog URL and visitor used old link to visit blog then land to 404 Error page.

Removal or deletion of content from your Blog

While analyzing blog many times you need to remove or delete any specific blog.
And as usual you need to update all related link places including internal link, Google Index, blog directory.

The list is so long that there is chances to miss many link and visitor using old link land him to 404 error page in your blog.

Typing Mistake by the user

404 error also visible when visitor types wrong URL or makes any typo mistake.

How to find 404 link

Search link using Google Webmaster tool.
Go to webmaster tool dashboard -> crawl error-> not found
Fix 404 error for link that found in Webmaster Tool.

How to Capitalize 404 error

Landing at 404error page is quite possible due to missing link, wrong link, updated link or typo mistake but you can capitalize it using some tweak in 404 error page.

When visitor encounter with 404 error page then you provide him information that are your jewels in your blog like related to your like Top 5 recently added blog, Top 5 most visited blog, affiliated link or advertisement.


Due to missing link, wrong link, updated link or typo mistake but you can capitalize it in your favor using some tweak in 404 error page

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