Earlier I have talked about What is Domain Authority, as you know that Domain Authority metrics is provided by MOZ. Higher Domain Authority score reflect that you have strong traffic and high rank.

Last time when talking about Domain Authority What is Domain Authority I told you that my website http://www.sparkling talk.com  Domain Authority score is just one and will be achieve higher score as soon as possible by taking right action to improve Domain Authority score like more sparkle content, SEO optimization booth on-site and off-sight.

how to improve domain authority of website

how to improve domain authority of website

So, To improve my website DA score I research on it and get good information from different blog and website. Today, I am talking about what get from different source of information.

1. Quality Content of your website

As you know Content of any website is very important factor for high ranking in Google search engine. When you write high quality article then audience link it with their site and visitor also spent more time on your website. Link that audience link to your article leads to popularity of your site.
Important point to remember about high quality content:

  • Research properly your topic and select what work best for you
  • Write unique and high quality content
  • Describe details and step by step on topic
  • Write content with a lot of internal link according relevant keyword

2. SEO Optimization

On-page SEO
Use high quality keyword for article and keep your permalink relevant and short for your article.
also Write short and relevant description for article

Off-page SEO
To improve Domain Authority of your website use off-page SEO optimization using Guest posting,  social bookmarking, blog commenting.

3. Link Building

Link building or Backlink is important factor to calculate/score your website Domain Authority. Backlink show how many website linked to you.
Here, keep it in mind that if you are getting few good link is better than getting higher simple link.

Important point to remember:

  • Email article link to subscriber
  • Email other blogger
  • Analyze your competitor link

4. Internal linking withing website or blog

Internal link you article with relevant keyword guide audience to another helpful article of your website.
Make sure that interlink all your post for better Page SEO which leads to higher Domain Authority score.
Also link home page with about us, contact us page.

Important Point about interlinking:

  • use different type of anchor text not stick to only one type anchor text.
  • Limit the interlink within a article

5. Promote your article

Write guest post to promote your website and  Share content on Social Media.
Participate actively on Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest etc. Social Media linking to increase traffic and popularity of you website.

Important Point about Promoting article:

  • Send email to subscriber
  • Promote content on social media regularly

Rishi Sanuj

Rishi Sanuj is a software developer and working as a Web Developer in USA based software company.

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