How To Install WordPress On Your Computer

How to Install WordPress in compute
How to Install WordPress in computer

Learn how to install WordPress on you local computer(machine). Beginner always face challenge that how to install WordPress in local machine.

So first you know what is requirement for installing WordPress in your local machine.

As you know WordPress is open source CMS and built in PHP programming language and MySql as Database backend and both have requirement to Apache server.

So you need to install apache server and MySql on your local machine.  Your can install it indivudually or by installing package built for both.

Here, you can  XAMPP server installer, which install all required file on your machine. You can download it from

you can also install same feaute by installing through Bitnami XAMPP installer.

After setting server open XAMPP Server and click start on Apache server and MySql.

Install WordPress in your Computer

    1. First download it from WordPress.Org.

Unzipping WordPress downloaded package.

  1. access XAMPP in C drive of you computer
  2. Go to htdocs  and copy unzipped package.
  3. You can rename it after copying as wish

Create database for WordPress
1. Access browser with http://locolhost in address bar, this will show you xampp server
2. Click phpAdmin, which display list of database

3. Click new to add new database

4. Enter database name and click create

Configure WordPress

1. Go to Browser, access http://localhost/wordpress in address bar

configure wp
configure wp

2. Choose Language for WordPress blog

configure wp

      1. Welcome Message and instructions show, click lets go


    1. Enter database name, default username is root so enter root in username, leave blank in password, in table prefix,
      enter as you wish, click submit

3. config- Db setup

    1. message show that wordpress now communicating with database so your are ready to configure wordpress, click run the install


        1. Fill site title, username, strong password, email and click install wordpress


      1. success message show, click login


    1. enter username and password to login in wordpress adminstration to create new post, page etc



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