How To Keep Your Audience Busy on Your Blog site

When you analyse blog traffic on Google Analytics, you will found that blog have too much higher bounce rate. As your audience leave blog after visiting a single page or article or blog. That also show blog content not keep audience busy. Look at any popular website, they keep audience by providing related content or relevant content to the topic.

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Here learn How To Keep Your Audience Busy on Your Blog site:

1. Create Interesting Content
2. Provide Related Content Link
3. Display Related Blog/content At the End of Blog
4. Show Top blog Post At Right Side of Your Blog Page
5. Display Category On right side
6. Provide option to subscribe Newsletter/press release
7. Show Latest Top 5 Blog Right side
8. Display Latest Post and Top Post in Footer
9. Display other Page information on Footer
10. Display Archive File List
11. Display Social Media Link To Like Share

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