Every person have different quality, habits. If you have expertise and want to share it with other then blogging is best option. It benefit others by reading your experience and they get benefited or sometime escape trouble and you also get income through blogging.

There are many example like if your are traveler, and sharing your experience of any tourist destination with other through blog then any one who planning to visit that place get known pros and cons through your experience.

If you are planning your own blog then you are reading right article that help to create your own blog with ease.

 For a complete new person, here is Checklist to launch a successful blog:
1. Select your niche
2. Plan out What, Who, How
3. Domain Name
4. Hosting Service
5. Create Blog
a. Choose Blogging Platform
b. Template
c. Design
6. Promote or Market Your Website
a. SEO
i) On-page
ii) Off-page
b. SEO Tools
c. Promote through Word of Mouth
d. Promote Through Virtual Marketing
e. Guest Posting
f. Press Release
g. Banner Advertising
h. Back link
i. Pay per click
j. Video Tutorials
k. Browser and Printed Material

7. Monetize
       a. PPC
       b. Affiliate Marketing
       c. Banner Advertisement

1. Select your niche
This Most important factor to success as a Blogger.
Select your niche that you have expertise. Like if your are doctor then you can share your experience that you get in Hospital, with Patient , Patient psychology. etc. or if you are dietician then share your experience with diet and suggest your reader right diet.

You can also research online to add edge in your experience.

2. Plan out What, Who, How
After choosing niche, plan out what, who or how.
Every niche have potential to raise question with What, who or how.

This is like Index in book which classified Whole book in different part and you can explain it sequence or right way.

3. Domain Name
Right Domain name is also very import for success of your blog.
Although it is not necessary that your niche come is domain but if you add it then have edge.
Exception are not far away; my blog SparklingTalk.com not showing what is niche. However I write blog in

Technology, WordPress, blogging, SEO, Online money making.

Like if your blog have food niche then choose like YourNameFood.com, also choose country specific domain like Yournamefood.in.

4. Hosting Service
After Deciding Domain name for your niche, its come to hosting. there are many top class hosting provider. like

Godaddy, blue host BigRock etc.

Here I am explaining hosting detail assuming you are using WordPress for your blog.
Godaddy provide both Linux and window hosting.
Bluehost and many other provide WordPress, Joomla or other Linux base hosting service.

5. Create Blog
after choosing Domain name, hosting service, its time to create blog for your niche.

            a. Choose Blogging Platform
There are many blogging platform like WordPress, Joomla , Tumblr.
Its up to your requirement what to choose. WordPress is most popular Blogging platform.
I have read some where that approx 35% of website or blog are running on WordPress.

             b. Template
WordPress is Blogging CMS which uses template for design.
Choosing a good design for successful blog because look and feel of any blog or website matter.
WordPress provide more than thousand WordPress template which can be downloaded from WordPress.org   or             directly install it from WordPress administration side. Free template have not option to update theme.

             c. Plugin
WordPress uses plugin to customize blog design and functionality.
Like WordPress template there is more than thousand plugin to install in your WordPress template

6. Promote or Market Your Website
After launching your blog, its success is very important. Without success  you have not get traffic.
a. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is most factor to higher page ranking.
i) On-page
– on page SEO is Meta description, Meta Keyword, Page Title, Image Alt text

         ii) Off-page
– do it through Google Indexing, Directory submission (like Google, Yahoo, Bing)

         iii) SEO Tools
There are a lot of SEO tool like Google Keyword etc

     b. Promote through Word of Mouth
First promotion started with family and friend. this is a way of Word of Mouth promotion.

     c. Promote Through Virtual Marketing
d. Guest Posting
Promote blog through Guest posting. Guest posting give huge traffic to your blog from your published article.
e. Press Release/News Letter
Send every week newsletter or Press Release to reader because this way your reader get information about your next article
g. Back link
Create back link for your blog. You can exchange back link with related blogger.
h. Pay per click
          Using Google Adword advertise blog, Which lead to organic traffic to your blog

i. Video Tutorials
          Create and upload video tutorial at your youtube channel because many time user keen to view material and not interested in reading
j. Browser and Printed Material
Distribute browser and printed material to publishable your blog

7. Monetize

Ultimate goal for a blogger to get income from blog. So there is need to monetize your blog using following:
a. Affiliate
     b. Adsense
c.  Banner Advertisement


Using these step you can launch your blog successfully and also able to get huge traffic to blog.



Rishi Sanuj

Rishi Sanuj is a software developer and working as a Web Developer in USA based software company.

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