How To Make YouTube Video Useful To Get More Traffic

YouTube Video is among the best way to get traffic to your blog site. YouTube video not only drive traffic but also provide opportunity to make money online but to make money you need to monetize your YouTube Video.

How YouTube Video Help to get Traffic

Analyse yourself habbit what you do after reading or watching awesome content or video. You must try to find details of that content or video. Similarly, After watching your YouTube video, Audience must try to find source of video and they visit your blog site.

Also this lead to drive traffic of your blog through returning visitors because most audience like good content and try to visit that video channel or blog site repeatedely.

Here, talking about how to make yout youtube video more useful to get mroe traffic. Means your youtube video must draw attention of audiece by video content and presentation.

1. Make a Logo for Video
2. Write the video speech
3. Finalize and Practice the speech
4. Record the speech
5. Edit the video
6. Add Credit For Video Resources
7. Publish the video

Make a Logo for Video

Your YouTube Video must have a logo that remind visitor about your blog. Also your logo should appear in corner of video start to end.

Write the video speech

Write Your video speech according to content in video. So you can describe better to your audience.

Finalize and Practice the speech

After Writing your video must read text multiple times and change according to requirement.

Record the speech

After Preparing your Video, Record your speech but before using it listen it multiple times and if you found any error then re-record that speech.

Edit the video

Add Content to the video according to your speech in the video.

Add Credit For Video Resources

Don’t forget to add credit to the video such as source of information, source of image or other any credits

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Publish the video

Publish your Video on YouTube and Add attractive title to that video with appropriate meta tags.

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