How To market Blog To Get More Traffic

Blog Marketing in importance aspect to get traffic to your blog site. Every blogger promote his/her blog according to requirement and budget. Many blogger who have no fund problem, market blog through paid services while other choose free services available. Here I am talking How To market Blog To Get More Traffic to your blog site.

Get involved in social media.

Share your published content with popular social media site such as Facebook, Google Plus, PInterest etc. Make social media content sharing strategy or plan so that you can share your blog post just after publish so that your audience get informed about latest update.

As we know that social media shared content have short lives so re-share same blog again after few hour of publish. Again re-share in next day, day after next day.

 Make the most of your social media profiles

Create your social media profile for all popular social media platform so that you don’t miss traffic from any social media sites.

Popular social media sites are: Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SlideShare etc

Make social sharing easy on your site

Install social sharing plugin and confiuge it for your blog page and post so that your audience can also bookmark and share it.

Buy social media ads

Your budget allow you for advertisment then not hesistate to buy social media ads as these social media platform show your blog site ad to appropriate user according to your target keyword so your blog site get real audience

Start or find a mastermind group.

Social media have one more opportunities as Social media group and you need to find and join these group and participate actively as solving problem of other member and contributing with your content.

your active participation and solution providing activity draw attention to your group member and they explore your blog site which leads to huge organic traffic.

Take part in online collaborations

Active participatation also make many partners and you need to collaborate to get more from you and this online collaboration also help to get more traffic.

Go to a conference or meet-up

Actively watch on related niche conference or mee-up help near about so that you can also participate in it.

Not necessary that you are say some thing but listening all member and discussing live also market blog at new height.

Start a podcast

Like blogging podcast is latest and fruitful trend in which you post your blog in audio formate. Benefit of podcast that your audience can listen your blog anywhere while doing other works such as travelling.

Send newsletters and press releases

Blog marketing also get huge organic traffic when you send your audience newsletter and press release.

As when the check their mail, open your newsletters or press release and get informed about latest update from your side.

Send new blog post publish mail to subscriber

Whenever you published your blog post, always send mail to your subscriber so they get lattest update from you blog site.


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