How to Promote Blog to Get Traffic

Blogger need promotion and getting adequate traffic and conversion after setting up blog.
But many blogger are sound in their field and not have much idea about promotion and marketing to drive
traffic to blog.

Pertaining to traffic and promotion, most of theĀ  blogger questions are same and that is why I’ll have to

provide about same ways and stuffs.

So, following are the ways are the most effective paths for your blog promotion you might follow:

Get Traffic to Blog:

Write impressive long content ie min 1500 words in post in your blog.
Learn effective SEO techniques.
Perform the On-page SEO using powerful keywords that gives your blog High Page Ranking(PR).
Using Off-page SEO techniques build quality backlink from High Page Ranking websites.

Get Referral Traffic:

Learn and apply Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing(SMO/SMM).
Learn how to play better social media optimization and marketing, like – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest & YouTube etc

Get Direct Traffic:

Learn and apply how to perform effective email marketing effectively by collecting email through newsletter

request, submit blog in quality directory and send newsletter to user/visitors daily/ weekly or whenever you
post a blog.

Get PPC Traffic (Paid):

Learn how to operate a Google Adwords PPC campaign Or a regular Facebook Ad campaign.
If you have bugdet then apply request for PPC ad on Google or other PPC related service

Get Traffic From Question & Answer site:

Get Traffic from Quora or Yahoo Answer site providing answer to visitors.

Get Traffic from Forum:

Participate in forums relevant to your blog niche.


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