How to Setup Google Adsense on Blog

Blogger make money by monetize their blog using different available method such Google Adsense, Direct Banner Sell etc. As a beginner I search a lot of to find How To Set Up Ads on my Blog today, at that time a lot of content available to learn but something missing for beginner.

How to Setup Google Adsense on Blog
Basic steps to setup Google Adsense:

You sign up for an account
You link your account to a Paypal or bank account
You copy and paste various ad codes onto your site
The ad network pays you based on pageviews and clicks

As you know that each ad network has different requirements and have some mandatory that you hit a threshold of monthly views before becoming a publisher, others are more lenient.

How to sign up for Google AdSense

Go to and click the start button.

You must have a Google account, a website or blog in which to place ads, and a mailing address.
Walk through the setup process and await a confirmation from Google of your acceptance or rejection. This can take a few days.
If you are on Blogger, setting up Google AdSense can be done right through your blogger dashboard.

Creating new ad units

You might be tempted to use a plugin for Google AdSense once you receive your acceptance. While some of the plugins have nice functionality, I always prefer to do things without one if I can. If you are running on Genesis, you can follow my exact instructions here. If you are on another theme, you may have to use a plugin to get your ads placed in certain areas besides the sidebar and footer. It all depends on your widget areas. And this is another reason I love Genesis so much!

There are three places you want to consider putting your ads – on the sidebar, right at the top of your pages (under or above the header), and somewhere in the content (either at the end near the footer, before the comments, or right in the middle of the text).

The main ad that will be seen then on devices is the header/leaderboard ad, so we’re going to make sure that ad code responsive in our tutorial.

Log into your Google AdSense account.
At the top, click on the option that says My Ads.
Click the button that says New Ad Unit.
You’ll see a setup area where you can name your ad. This is just for your reference. Let’s first create the horizontal ad that runs right above or below your header. You can name it Header.
Choose the option that says Responsive. This one and the others in the box are what Google recommends. As a beginner, stick with them. Otherwise, you can choose in the drop down and create custom sizes or text link ads, etc.

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