How To Start A Blog

How to start a blog -

Blogging becomes a secondary career option to make money online. Many established blogger selected it as main career options but still they suggest that initially you can start blogging as secondary option and when you are able to make money and feel that now your blog is establish and you can make descent money then you will switch blogging as main career option.

Before all of other, you should know steps to starting a blog:
1. Domain Name
2. Web Hosting
3. CMS
4. Theme
5. Blog Started

1. Domain Name
Domain name is your address for you in the world of internet like your house address for your physical presence.

If you have a confusion about domain name of blog then you should have choose your domain that reflect your niche and should be unique such as if your niche is food then your should choose ‘yourname’ as prefix before food i.e ‘yourname’food or

Choose ‘.com’ as your domain name suffix because .Com domain name is most sought after suffix for domain name. Although,  you can also choose other suffix according to your requirement like your region or location based or target market suffix such as .in if your target market is India

Here to be careful for domain as there is limitation of 63 character including a-z,0-9 and ‘-‘.
Its better to choose short name, so that your follower/reader can easily remember your domain name

Next query comes in your mind that where should I get domain name. A domain name can be purchase through a registrar. There a lot of registrar that selling domain name. Here, its up to you select which registrar.

To host website you need hosting space, most registrar selling domain name also selling hosting space. so its better chose same registrar who is also selling hosting space, here to be careful as some registrar selling free domain name with hosting space.

As above I mention that domain name may be have dash(-) but its completely depend upon you that dash should be used or not like ‘’. But most expert say dashes(-s) should be avoided.

2. Web Hosting

Web Hosting is location at Web server where one can store blog/website files and database. Web Hosting service is provided by a web hosting company.

Whenever a website or blog is access in internet browser, we actually accessing file that are stored on Web Server of company which is representing the domain name owner.

Web Hosting Cost
This is a factor where you need to compare different hosting provider company offer. You can pay hosting charge on monthly basis or yearly basis. It depends upon your choice
There are also free hosting of website/blog as sub-domain of parent company like WordPress or  you can create your blog here as or

3. Content Management System(CMS)

Your blog need a good content Management system(CMS) which have easy to maintain. Many Content Management System(CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, tumblr, Drupal are available free of cost with free theme and plugin. These CMS allow you to easily choose you website design, look and feel with easy customization.  Currently WordPress is most used CMS which have all requirement for a blogger. In WordPress, you can customize it with themes and plugin, css and HTML. If required you can also edit the code of the required page.
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4. Theme

Theme reflect mood of the blog and you can make your blog beautiful using theme also a good theme take care of all concern related to optimization, responsiveness as today source of traffic is not only laptop or desktop but other devices such as tablet, smartphones etc . There are a lot of themes related to WordPress and Joomla.  You can get good theme from many online website like ThemeForest, WooThemes etc. These themes gives your blog a better look as you want to show content also purchase themes gives latest update option.

You can also get free themes online and also on WordPress website. It just need to choose and install and absolutely customization.

5. Blog Started
All required configuration is completed. Now you can write your first blog. There is a lot of technique to popularize your blog with SEO, Content Marketing, advertising etc.



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