Reason Behind Failure As Blogger in 2016

At the begining of 2016 I had target to bring to a new high with more content, more visitor, better page ranking, more organic traffic and get return and make money from my effort as blogger. But as you seeing have not much content and hardly any visitor or organic traffic and without blog content hard to achieve any target.
So, Today I am analyzing what reason behind failure as Blogger in 2016 and while analyzing the reason behind it not hard to identify.

Target in 2016:

I had set target to achieve page rank for to below 1,00,00,000 and at the beginning of 2016¬†page rank of was 16,00,00,000. However I able to get result of my effort for and at present page rank according to Alexa is approx 9,30,70,558. As you know without content it’s not possible to get any improvement in page rank. page rank
As there is no more blog content so SEO is worthless. As you know that content is king so without content what to optimize in


Again without content at what I should market or whom I target to visit at my blog site. I publish few blog at and market well at all platform such as Facebook, Google+, twitter, PInterest etc. But these few content not able to give me audience or traffic or money.

What achieved in 2016

I have not publish much blog in 2016 but have drafted enough blog post so in 2017 try to post a blog a day and maintain consistency and punctuality to achieve this.

Why not achieve the target:

Because I have not leave my 9-5 job timing and need money to run my house so trying blogging after 9-5 job and it makes worst to achieve my target.

Current status

Currently sparkling talk have approx 9,00,00,000 page rank in Alexa at the time of this blog publishing. But I have set my target to get new high in 2017 to see page rank below 10,00,000.

Overall Reason for not achieving my goal:

  • Drafted tool many article but not able to finalize it.
  • Do not care about page ranking
  • Do not care about visitor
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