Recently I faced slider problem while working on website as using built in slider but they are not up to my expectation. So start looking for WordPress slider plugin for website.
WordPress Slider Plugins

WordPress have a lot of free plugin for slider which helps to make your website more desirable to visitors. Most plugin are easy to configure and implement(show) to desired location with just short code placement.

Here list of top 10 most popular free WordPress slider plugin for your website:
Meta Slider
Meta Slider WordPress Plugin

Meta Slider is the most popular WordPress slider plugin with more than 600,000 active installation of this plugin. You can create slideshows with Meta Slider is fast and easy and select images from your WordPress Media Library, drag and drop them into place, set slide captions, links and SEO fields all from one page.

With Meta Slider you can choose from 4 different slideshow types like Flex Slider, Nivo Slider, Responsive Slides & Coin Slider  and use these slideshow with provided short-code or template include to easily embed slideshows in your blog.

Meta Slider Features are:

  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Create Responsive, SEO optimized slideshows
  • Use Text with Image slides
  • Support Full width slideshow
  • Set image crop position
  • Built in Widget and short code
  • have WordPress Multi Site compatible
  • Support translation plugins (WPML, PolyLang & qTranslate)
  • You can get more feature with Meta Slider Pro version

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Meteor Slides

Meteor Slider WordPress Plugin

Meteor Slides create slideshows and publish them with a short code, widget, or template tag and among the most popular plugin with more than 90,000 active installation.

Meteor Slides WordPress plugin support slideshows scale with responsive and fluid themes to fit any device and have touch support.

Meteor Slides WordPress Plugin Features are:

  • Easy integration as add the slideshow to your site using a template tag, shortcode, or widget
  • Mobile Friendly that scales to fit any device and supports touch navigation for mobiles and tablets.
  • Multiple Slideshows support that organize your slides into multiple slideshows.
  • Support Slideshow transition styles like blindX, blindY, blindZ, cover, curtainX, curtainY, fade, fadeZoom, growX, growY, none,scrollUp, scrollDown, scrollLeft, scrollRight, scrollHorz, scrollVert, slideX, slideY, turnUp, turnDown, turnLeft, turnRight, uncover, wipe, zoom.
  • support navigation like previous/next and/or paged slide navigation.

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Cyclone Slider 2

cyclone Slider 2 WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin Cyclone Slider 2 is slider plugin among the most popular slider plugin with more that 80,000 active installation. Cyclone Slider 2 uses custom post for the slider, custom fields to store settings, and media up-loader for the images. Cyclone Slider 2 also uses a template system that allows developers to easily customize the look and behavior of the slider.

Cyclone Slider 2 WordPress plugin features are:

  • Easy to use interface with drag and drop to re-order your slides.
  • Support Responsive slider for responsive and fluid websites.
  • Supports image, YouTube, Vimeo, custom HTML, and testimonial slides.
  • Can add per-slide transition effects.
  • Customizable tile transition effects.
  • Supports random slide order.
  • Short code for displaying sliders anywhere in your site.

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Soliloquy Lite

Soliloquy Lite WordPress Plugin

Soliloquy is among the best responsive WordPress slider plugin with more than 90,000 active installation of this plugin. Soliloquy allows you to create an unlimited number of responsive WordPress sliders with a few clicks of the mouse.

Soliloquy features are:

  • Completely SEO optimized with the ability to specify alt and title tags for your images within the slider.
  • Short code and template tags handy so that you can insert your WordPress slider anywhere in your theme.
  • Metadata editing for each image, including image titles, alt tags and full HTML captions.
  • Media uploader button to easily insert your WordPress slider into your posts/pages from the WYSIWYG editor.

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 Smart Slider 2

Smart Slider 2 WordPress Plugin
WordPress plugin Slider Smart Slider 2 have interface for back end that makes easy for anyone to design beautiful sliders. Grab a new layer, move it on the canvas, finally drag&drop some items with your mouse and your slide is ready.

Smart Slider 2 features:

  • Totally integrated with WordPress (media manager, short code, in-build widget)
  • Multilevel animation system: layer animation, main animation, background animation
  • Slider generator: create a slider from an image folder
  • Total control over the design, customize the slider without HTML or CSS knowledge. Change color, font, arrow, bullet, background, link, position, size, etc.
  • Slide layout creator: save and load your own slide design

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Easing Slider

easing Slider WordPress Plugin

Easing Slider is among the most popular plugin with more than 90,000 active installation and easy to use slider plugin for WordPress. Easing Slider enables you to create beautiful sliders quickly and efficiently.

Easing Slider features:

  • Fully responsive & mobile ready and bulk image uploading, integrated with new WordPress Media Library
  • CSS3 transitions for ultra smooth transitions
  • Navigation arrows & pagination

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Huge-IT slider

Huge-it Slider WordPress Plugin
Huge-IT Slider is a quick and easy way to add custom sliders to the WordPress websites (both to templates and posts/pages). The slider allows having unlimited amount of images with their titles and descriptions.

The slider uses auto generated short codes making it easier for the users to add it to the custom location.

This slider has a lot of functions , you can set as a slider not only photos ,but also videos, YouTube and Vimeo videos. The features of this slider are image title and description, drag and drop functionalities,15 different navigation buttons etc.

The features of the slider

  • Image title and description.
  • Possibility to add URL to tailor specific pages to the slider.
  • Auto generated short code for the easier process of adding the slider to the posts/pages/templates.
  • Descriptions and titles can include hyperlinks.
  • HTML support in the titles and descriptions

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Master Slider

Master Slider WordPress Plugin

Master Slider is a free responsive image and content slider with super smooth hardware accelerated transitions. It supports touch navigation with pure swipe gesture that you have never experienced before. It’s a truly responsive and device friendly slider which works perfectly in all major devices.

Master Slider is built using WordPress best practices both on the front and the back end. This results in an efficient, robust and intuitive plugin. It’s works with any theme, including the default WordPress themes.3


  • Fully Responsive and Cross Browser IE8+ and other modern browsers supported
  • HTML5 Valid and SEO Friendly Markup and touch Swipe Navigation
  • support Smart auto crop and Shuffle Ordering Slides Option

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Smooth Slider

Smooth Slider WordPress Plugin

WordPress Smooth Slider plugin creates a dynamic slideshow/s of featured Posts, Pages, Media Images and Custom Post Types on a WordPress site. With live preview on admin panel, one can customize the slider before implementation. Smooth Slider is a basic slider WordPress plugin but is capable of adding a nice carousel in no time. With short code, widgets and template tag, one can embed Smooth SLider anywhere in the site.


  • Responsive Design and the slider works perfectly fine on mobile devices, tablets etc.
  • Custom Slider, Category Slider and Recent Posts Slider supported
  • Search Engine Optimized Slideshow
  • Permission setting option to restrict the users from adding posts to Smooth Slider
  • No Need Of Knowledge of PHP, HTML or CSS. But for those having knowledge of CSS, you can create your own style sheet.
  • Slides can be removed from the slider in single click thru ‘Sliders’ admin panel

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Ultimate Responsive Image Slider
ultimate responsive image Slider WordPress Plugin
Ultimate responsive image slider a fully responsive slider plugin for WordPress blog users. You can add infinite image slides in a single slider using multiple image uploader. You can publish unlimited slider on your blog.

Images slider has various settings like customizable height and width, auto play slides, slide thumbnails, navigation buttons and many more. You can configure each slider setting individually and accordingly to you. You can show slider within the Page or Post content.

Using [URIS id=123] short code, you can publish image slider in any Page or Post in your WordPress sites.

Free Plugin Features

  • Fully Responsive Slider Plugin
  • Show Multiple Sliders Into Single Page / Post
  • Image Slider Setting Dashboard
  • Enable/Disable Slide Title
  • Enable/Disable Slide Description
  • Enable/Disable Navigation Bullets
  • Enable/Disable Slide Thumbnails
  • All Major & Latest Browser Compatible (IE, Chrome, Firefox)

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After reading these most popular slider plugin WordPress feature you have to select plugin according to requirement. Apart from these you get more it from WordPress.


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