Top 5 Anti-Spam Captcha Plugin For WordPress

There is a lot of plugin to restrict spammer. But after using some of the plugin you watch still spammer able to submit their spam reply in blog. Here I added some useful anti-spam plugin that support captcha.


You can use it for comments, registration, lost password, login form etc. Adds this SI CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress forms for comments, registration, lost password, login, or all. In order to post comments or register, users will have to type in the code shown on the image. This prevents spam from automated bots. Adds security.

This plugin perform best with Akismet. Also is fully support WP, WPMU, and BuddyPress.


  • Configure from Admin panel
  • Valid HTML
  • Section 508 and WAI Accessibility Validation.
  • Allows Trackbacks and Pingbacks.
  • Setting to hide the CAPTCHA from logged in users and or admins
  • Setting to show the CAPTCHA on the forms for comments, registration, lost password, login, or all.
  • 118 language translation support.

Requires: 2.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-4-27
Active Installs: 300,000+

Captcha by BestWebSoft

This captcha plugin is one of the top downladed plugin for captcha. The Captcha plugin allows you to implement a super security captcha form into web forms. It protects your website from spam by means of math logic, easily understood by human beings. You will not have to spend your precious time on annoying attempts to understand hard-to-read words, combinations of letters or pictures that make your eyes pop up. All you need is to do one of the three basic maths actions – add, subtract and multiply. This captcha can be used for login, registration, password recovery, comments forms.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-6-2
Active Installs: 300,000+

Really Simple CAPTCHA

Really Simple CAPTCHA does not work alone and is intended to work with other plugins. It is originally created for Contact Form 7, however, you can use it with your own plugin.

Really Simple CAPTCHA does not use PHP “Sessions” for storing states, unlike many other PHP CAPTCHA solutions, but stores them as temporary files. This allows you to embed it into WordPress without worrying about conflicts.

When you generate a CAPTCHA, Really Simple CAPTCHA creates two files for it; one is an image file of CAPTCHA, and the other is a text file which stores the correct answer to the CAPTCHA.
Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.5
Last Updated: 2014-12-17
Active Installs: 1+ million

WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

WP-Spamshield Anti-Spam plugin is extremely powerful and user-friendly WordPress anti-spam plugin that eliminates comment spam, trackback spam, contact form spam & registration spam.

No CAPTCHA’s, challenge questions or other inconvenience to site visitors – it works silently in the background and simply makes WordPress spam disappear.

Most of the spam hitting your blog originates from bots, but quite a bit comes from humans too. This plugin works like a firewall to ensure that your commenters are in fact, human, and that those humans aren’t spamming you.

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Active Installs: 80,000+

FunCaptcha – Anti-Spam CAPTCHA

FunCaptcha presents a mini-game CAPTCHA that blocks the bots while giving your users a few moments of fun. It’s a real security solution hardened by experts and automatically updated to provide the best protection.

Users complete these little games faster than other CAPTCHAs, with fewer frustrating failures and no typing. They work on all browsers and mobile devices, using HTML5 with a fallback to Flash. Visually impaired users can complete an audio challenge CAPTCHA.

The FunCaptcha widget works easily on registration and comment forms, as well as Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms.

Requires: 2.8.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.5
Last Updated: 2015-2-27
Active Installs: 1,000+

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